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Applying Standard Fees On Tips?

I may be completely out of place by stating this, but I think Fiverr treating a tip as if it was a purchase of a gig and taking a fee respectively ($10 tip, $2 fee taken) is absolutely 100% ludicrous. I work as a server waiting tables for a living, using Fiverr to supplement my income, and I liken this to my boss who makes almost $1,000,000 yearly snagging $2 off of the table before I come to clear it, clean it, and collect my tip. All of the buyers whom I’ve spoken with think that this is bogus as well, and strongly believe, as I do, that a tip is a tip, and not any kind of purchase that should have a fee applied to it. I’ve spoken on this with many of my clients, and I welcome any thoughts below pertaining to this practice on the behalf of Fiverr. I mean, they already apply two fees to our earnings, 20% pre-purchase, and 1.2% pre-transfer, is adding a fee on a hard earned tip really necessary?


You’re right, it does feel unfair - but the alternative is everyone selling $5 gigs and then getting buyers to send the remaining amount as tips. I can’t think of another way of preventing that ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Without fiverr there would be zero tips. I think it’s fair to give them 20% of any money we get on this site.

mindlessmuzik it is absolutely sick… I was one of the first people to jump down their throat about taking fees on tips. Fiverr is very greedy indeed. … Kinda why I laughed when they just got hacked the other day. Totally deserved it …

Reply to @misscrystal: When you take into account the 1000’s of orders they are taking 20% on … its just a bit ridiculous…

Its not like the customer support team is worth a damn. When you have a problem they side with the buyer 95% of the time.

Sellers get treated like crap here. Hands down , thats the truth. 10% is a MUCH better number considering all the problems this site has.

Granted things are getting better … but at least they can lay off taking a fee out of our tips… screw them for that.

Well, if you would like to get all the money with no fees, then you can create your own website and get paid directly bu your clients. But then if you were to do that, you might not realize how much money you would need to pay in advertising in order to get orders.

If they changed the tip system it would get abused. Kind of like someone mentioned in another thread when this came up, at the beginning of eBay, sellers used to charge a small price for the item and a very large shipping and handling fee instead so they could get around some things. eBay caught on and that does not happen any longer.

But there are other websites out there. and try to leverage your gigs to be provided higher priced custom quotes if you can.

I can think of a plain and simple way, Fiverr has tag words and symbols that get flagged upon usage in a message, such as the at symbol or any of the e-mail providers names, simply restrict buyers from mentioning the word “tip” or “extra money” etc. in messages or transactions, the idea of dishonest buyers shouldn’t be the cop out/reasoning for supporting a communistic environment. Maybe I’m crazy, but a tip is a tip, and Fiverr should act a bit more couth and maybe lessen the fee so that we are able to reap the benefits of our hard work.

Reply to @zarklon: Well, you can certainly go out and create your own freelance website and take orders directly from clients and keep way more than 80% of everything, payment and tips. Which by the way, out in the regular freelance world, for things like graphic design and art jobs, clients don’t give tips. The tips is really just because the gigs are so cheap here.

BUt let us know how it goes if Fiverr isn’t working for you. HOw much you spend on advertising, how many clients you have weekly, that kind of thing.

The critics of this post are getting off track. He’s not saying Fiverr doesnt deserve commission, his focus is the “tip”. Tips by nature in almost every industry are for the staff to directly pocket as a gift from a customer. The notion of a higher body effectively taking a portion of the tip is the issue.

Reply to @pinnacle_lawyer: We understand that, but you cannot separate tips from payment in a system like this. No one would pay full price for gigs, buyers and sellers would all start to do back-end deals, my gig is just $5 but tip me $20. Once you have a buyer for the first time it would be very easy to do this kind of thing on all repeat orders.

Encouraging sales through tipping or substituting orders for tips could be prohibited much the way other “back-end” deals are. Commission on tips is unethical in my opinion, we will have to agree to disagree.

Reply to @pinnacle_lawyer: but how would you prohibited it is the issue.

And sure we can agree to disagree, but there has to be some form of fee taken from the tips, because just to pass through via a credit card at minimum there is a few percent taken out.

You got the tip by using the fiverr site but you don’t want fiverr to have any of it?

I think buyer give tip for apreciated of seller work not for fiverr.