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Appropriate size for the thumbnail

Hello. Good day.

I don’t know is this a questions that have been answer before but I haven’t see it while I looking trough the forum.

What is the appropriate size for the thumbnail to look good? I have upload a image before for a gig and it stretches in a bad way. I have read that the image is the cover of your gig and is really importan to appeling clients.

I will appreciate your help.

Try 600 x 400. :framed_picture:

Good Day!:sunny:

After much trial and error, I have found that 550 w x 370 h works best for me at this time. This is close to @pacquo dimensions.


Thank you so much both of you for your answer! :grinning:
The 400x600 fit perfectly!


I’m personally use 1024x720. It’s good quality for me.