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Appropriate to ask client after gig completion?

There are times I get interesting jobs, and I wonder where they are going to publish it. However, throughout the gig process period, I try not to associate too many irrelevant questions.

But after it is done and I look back, I really wonder where I can watch the entire thing

Yes, it is not only inappropriate, but also unprofessional to ask where your produced work is going to be used.

Unless, you need to know the usage of the work to decide on how to design/create it.

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Its totally unprofessional to do this.

I agree that it’s unprofessional, but on occasion, conversation with a certain customer becomes a lot more friendly and open than usual. I think there’s a way to remain professional, and non-intrusively ask that if they need an opinion or someone to review the finished product when published, you’d be happy to help. I think that may even work in your favour with the right customer. Just an idea, but I agree with djgodknows in that it will be inappropriate in almost all situations.

Note: I have actually had customers come back to me asking for opinions on what they’ve done with their finished work, and on one occasion, asking me to review/read her blog and see if she felt I could imagine any more graphics designed anywhere. That being said, I’m a graphic designer so it may be a totally different ballpark and I’m not sure if the same sorts of conversation ensues with other services. I’d recommend avoiding it to be safe

Just speaking for myself, I don’t mind revealing what I plan to do with the gigs I receive.

Most stuff I get is pretty easy to figure out: eBook Covers are typically on Amazon, banners are for my websites, etc.


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Imho, it can be okay to do this. With one gig I have, every buyer so far (all 4 of them! :wink: ) asked me how they should credit me. I can’t think of a reason why they would not want me to know where to watch it out there…


Just like I was saying - many customers are not hostile and do not expect corporate level professionalism when buying a service. Freelancers are entitled to come across as professional but friendly, and it’s well received by most customers, but I wouldn’t ask to see the published product. The only way I’d ever do it would be via a question like [quote=“parradesigns, post:4, topic:124229”]
ask that if they need an opinion or someone to review the finished product when published, you’d be happy to help

Even that would only happen if I was confident with my evaluation of the buyer’s personality and with the buyer/seller relationship.

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