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Approval From Seller Before creating Order (Gig/Custom Offer)


Hi Fiverr Community,
I have been using Fiverr to provide my services. I am working here as a Freelance Graphics Designer. I want to give a suggestion to Fiverr that they should add a feature that whenever a buyer tries to buy a gig or accept custom offer it notifies seller that whether he wants to go with that order or not. Basically Fiverr should ask for seller’s approval in order to start the order.

I feel that need because recently Fiverr has updated its evaluation thing (after every month). In that case if a buyer tries to order the gig and eventually wants to cancel without any specific reason, this lowers the completion rate.

In order to avoid this thing. I feel the need of updated “Approval From Seller Before creating Order” feature.

Muhammad Asim


Sound interesting. Vote for this.

Or at least, Approval From Seller for activate the gig order.


I like the idea! I just had a cancellation, because the buyer ordered without checking with me. I even have a message on my gig requesting that new buyers contact me before placing an order. If he had checked - I would have passed on the job.

With the new evaluation system, I too would like to have a “seller’s approval” option.

Great idea, Muhammad!


I agree with you almost in a 100% sense. Just omit for this option the custom offer thing, that’s because when you decide to send a custom offer to a buyer, you probably have had a look before on what that buyer is specifically requesting, therefore you were aware of his/her petition before sending or not the personalized offer.


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