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Approval of gigs required before they go public

They way it works atm is gigs get published upon creation and then the editor team checks them later. The problem with this is if an editor finds a problem the gig is taken down until its modified and rechecked. If the seller has advertised the gig for a limited time all the money spent goes to waste.

(just found out the hard way)

I meant the human check could be done before publishing. Or maybe a gig could be marked somehow once an editor (or whoever does the flagging) has checked it so that you know your money wont got to waste if you pay for advertising (fb post boost etc).

Actually, when you’re first starting out at least it was like this for me(Although when I first started here… that was a long time ago so things might have changed.), they actually put your initial gigs in a pending stage and did manually check them. After you get up a level or two I guess they assume you know well enough that it’s for the most part automatically approved. Only had an issue with one gig getting removed out of nowhere due to poor word choice on my part that triggered an automatic disabling of the gig and then deletion without asking me first(despite it being perfectly ok and within their terms but their automated system got rid of it.)