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Approved for Fiverr Pro, What's next?

I have recently approved for Fiverr pro. I got the details for Success Chat and 2 emails which exist knowledge about how to create a Fiverr pro gig and its checklist. But I don’t know from which account to login so I could get a Fiverr pro profile, I don’t know anything. I want an existing pro to help me and others who have already accepted for Fiverr Pro. What are the next steps I have to follow in order to get a Fiverr Pro Profile and Create a gig? Thanks in advance. Looking for urgent and authentic help.


Hi there, and welcome to the club.

How were you notified of your approval?

Usually the email that contains the approval, also has the next steps.

A success manager reaches out to schedule a quick call, so that you can get all the help you need.

(At least that was the process back when I was approved)


Hi, Yes. I got an email after the approval. I have done video call with my success manager. He helps me to know how to create a seller account and how to create a gig. After that video call I got an email which includes the whole checklist for gig creation and introduction to another success manager.

I have a few confusions and for which i have arranged an appointment also.

But If anyone help me here it will safe my time.

First of all, I want to know which email address I have to use in order to access my Fiverr Pro Account. The one I have registered my Application with or the one I have mentioned in my application?

Have you registered an account on Fiverr?

If so you need to use that email address.

Yes, I have registered this account on Fiverr to send the application for Fiverr Pro.

I have created a gig. Now what’s next? How can i get access to Fiverr Pro Profile? Secondly, is there anyway to change my username. I have created this account in 2017.

Your account contains no gigs, nor does it appear to be Pro verified.

Your appointed SM will need to manually assign the badge and also review and approve your Pro gigs.

As for the username: it cannot be changed once created.

Congratulations! @technicalsabu I am new here and want to apply for Pro Seller. Can you please guide me the whole process? You effort will be appreciated.

Iulia Adelina

Hi @iulia_adelina I hope you are doing well. This topic has been already discussed in detail. I hope this forum will help you. How to apply for pro seller.