April 17th Poll - Music


What type of music do you listen to while working?

  • No Music
  • Electronic, EDM
  • Country
  • Rap/R&B
  • Punk/Ska
  • Classical
  • Other (please let us know in comments)

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It depends on what kind of Job I perform :wink:
Music changes regarding the task as always :musical_note: :notes: :headphones:


Wut? This is not fair! Three votes in three catagories, still there’s a winner :confused:


My musical taste is very eclectic. :sunglasses:
I like a little bit of this and that. It really depends on my mood!

:musical_note: Calypso
:musical_note: Reggae
:musical_note: Jazz
:musical_note: Trance
:musical_note: Pop/Doo-wop
:musical_note: Classical
:musical_note: Rock/Alternative
:musical_note: Oldie Goldies
:musical_note: Hip Hop/R&B/Crunk ‘n’ B

Like if you remember this :arrow_up: guy. :smile:


Carlton! Such a shame about Uncle Phil, though. :frowning:


Lofi hip-hop! It’s super relaxing and helps me focus :joy:


This poll is demanding. I was going to pick multiple choices since I don’t listen to just one, but when I picked one, it was done with me. :smiley:


Alternative/Rock for me




I got a subscription to Amazon music to listen to music while I work. Funny thing is I hardly use it anywhere else but the workroom. I’ve been listening to Olly Murs lately (although I still love listening to Scooter, ItaloBrothers and W&w).


I like to listen devotional song related to hindu mythology


I listen to video game soundtracks. :joy: I used to listen to movie soundtracks until my brother showed me the magic behind video games. I don’t play any games, but the intensity of the music is incredible.
(I can’t listen to songs with words in them, I find it’s too distracting).


No music while doing creative designs as it affects attention.


exactly, designers need more attention to their work than music. I worked in pin drop silence.


Right now want to listen sad music :frowning:


I want to play Classical Music in the background while im working. But most of the time I forgot to do so. LOL :stuck_out_tongue:


I just can’t imagine how there are people working with no music at all. :expressionless:


No music, Just work…


I listen to pop or classic rock on the radio in my car. Pop at work. But at home, I listen to rap/hip hop if I’m trying to clean, and Twenty One Pilots pretty much the rest of the time.