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April 24th Poll - Social Media


Do you promote your Fiverr Gigs on social media and if so, what platform do you prefer/get the most hits from? Check all that apply, then let us know in comments what’s working and what’s not working!

  • Facebook Personal Profile
  • Facebook Company Page
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit
  • Tumblr
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Google +
  • Other (share with us in comments below!)

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I think the platform doesn’t matter much as long as you are doing it the right way. Like if you are promoting your gigs in social groups full of sellers then that will not be going to work. So I would say that choose your targeting audience well along with your social platform.


Usually I use my personal facebook profile or either my Behance profile. But I never had any conversions from there.


I didn’t vote because I’m not a seller.

I agree with your comment on target audience. My twitter account feed has writers of all genre, including poetry, fiction and non fiction.

If I were to “share” some of the work I’ve gotten done on 5r, it would be ebook covers, blurbs, books and illustrations. Anything I get outside writing, artwork or books would be waste of time.

Perhaps, one of these days, I’ll link one of my sellers 5r account to an artwork he/she did on my feed. To see if it helps them get sales - of course, I’d get the sellers okay First.


None!!! -_- . . . . . .


I don’t advertise on Social Media, therefore I didn’t vote.


i didnt vote, cause im not using any of them.


I have advertised on facebook, but usually don’t get conversions from there.


I’ve advertised on varied social media sites and a personal landing page that directs back to Fiverr. My results have been stronger offering specials and Fiverr Anywhere unique offers on my personal page. Overall, though, I find social media to be relatively poor as a place to advertise until I establish an actual meaningful presence and gain followers/friends/forum contacts who are the right audience for my own gigs.

I think that the building of relationships on social media sites and forums is underutilized by many sellers due to the time it takes, but it’s the best way to find truly interested potential buyers.


If you manage to have someone come to fiverr from a social media site, how do you make sure they buy your gig instead of someone else’s?

I see that when we use the self promotion tool to make a link to purchase our gig it does not direct back to fiverr but instead is simply a payment page for the gig we have chosen to link to.


There’s no option for sellers who don’t promote their gig in social media yet part of the question is Do you promote your Fiverr Gigs on social media :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess my answer is Other - I don’t do any promotion on social media.

  • My Facebook friends know what I do so I don’t care to spam them
  • I don’t have lot of Twitter followers, simply don’t have time to Tweet enough to collect them :slight_smile:
  • I do some promotion through my website, but then I don’t wish to send clients to Fiverr. I sell my service through my site and don’t have to share my income with Fiverr :slight_smile:

I hope in the future it would be possible to track how buyers reach your profile. I’m sure Fiverr has this data, so hopefully they will share it.


I find it useless. Because my friends and family members know well that what I do. Sharing gigs to my social media is just useless for me. I never got any message from the social media.


You left out one of the most important answers: NO.

I don’t mention Fiverr on SM or anywhere else.


Is blogspot social media?

I was about to put a link to social media in my gig description from the allowed list but someone posted this recently:

Fiverr is cracking down on links. I used to have a Fiverr permitted link ( in my description and several weeks ago my description was removed with a note stating I added an unauthorized link.


I haven´t used any social media either yet, I find it pretty difficult to unite with the ‘no personal/contact info’, too.


Social media helps to get impression for the gig. So, social medias are very helpful to get order.


It depends on Fiverr search algorithm. If you get 1000 impressions and make 0 sales then it might actually hurt your ranking. Why should Fiverr surface your gig at the top of search results if nobody cares about it.

If the search algorithm is intelligent enough then it should evaluate user intent and conversion not only clicks & views.


Advertising the gigs on social media is not so effective anymore. What matters the most is the optimization of the gigs with appropriate description, tags and keywords. And the number of reviews matters a lot. Social media is not such a key factor here.


I’m new on Fiverr and I decided to create and instagram page to share my work/promote my fiverr. I don’t spam and I can’t tell if it helps but maybe someday it will? :stuck_out_tongue: