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April 24th Poll - Social Media


Its useless to share it on social media. On social media you won’t find any clients, you will just find other freelancers lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Exactly. There are no potential clients on any of the social media, there are just other freelancers.


Don’t use it later even, its useless


I promote my gigs on Twitter and no conversation from there but I think they saw my gigs and increase the views. Someway it effects because through social media lots of people know about my services.


Are you referring to Fiverr Anywhere? I couldn’t decide what to do with that - it says it’s for Custom Offers, and it also expires. I’m not the best at marketing. It might take me more than 30 days to get someone to see it, not that I have a Custom Offer to offer anyway. :slight_smile:

Probably the answer would be, you don’t. I think the idea is that if enough Sellers are using social media to bring in Buyers, the marketplace sales as a whole will improve.


My information’s probably not that useful, since I’ve only tried it on one of those. I don’t even have an account on most of those.

As a side note (from other endeavors) I find YouTube to be difficult to work with.

I do think that out of all of them, Twitter is the easiest to market with.


I thought it would be a link to our gig. I’m not sure how to use that since it’s for custom offers and expires.


I do social media marketing. I get some conversation from there.


Only feels time consuming when its forced. Most regulars here could generate allot of sales just by doing what they do here on the forums, no ads or clever sales speeches needed (nobody likes those anyway). Just make sure your business is well presented in your profiles, then find topics and discussions that interest you and contribute, no need to mention gigs or business unless asked.


I was using facebook a lot to promote my gig, But I didn’t get any order from it. I noticed that promoting through social media is not useful. So I stop promoting myself. I got one order ever from buyer request. I am still waiting for second order without promoting myself.


Only YouTube works for me. Everything else is bonkers. Instagram is full with fakes and sub/unsub. Facebook is asking me for my ID five times a week, locking my profile out. Twitter is…well, Twitter. Feels kind of distanced as a community.

Personally, I think VK (ВКонтакте) is the best one around. I’m not sure why you didn’t include that. It’s huge. A huge community, super fast platform. It’s the best.


I think Linkdin is the best way to promote fiverr Gig


I dont promote mine, I did a few times on twitter and once on Instagram and lot of people unfollowed me because of it and no new buyers came from me doing that so I just never done it again, although I do have a YouTube channel with my music and I create one to two videos every week and my fiverr profile is in the description, that is how most people find me and word of mouth, I have had a lot of buyers message me saying this person referred me to you, so i think building relationships with clients is great way to get your name/services out there, not against promoting on social media but it just doesn’t work at all for me.


I think twitter and linked in are good source as social media


I have used Facebook and google+ but unfortunately didn’t get any order from there.


One of the platforms I am currently using is YouTube, I am also trying to venture into steemit. Though it seems like conversion is low there…