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April blah-blah day

Usually every year at our office we say something stupid/funny for April Fool’s day just for the
heck of it.

I tried “Guys, I’m actually from outer space and I need to return to my home planet after work today”

Everyone said “Yeah, we knew something was kinda strange and off about you.”

I also added “I need to bring a human head with me back home to present it to the alien king.”

The guys replied “Yeah, I can see you killing someone, you’re kinda psycho.”

…I love my coworkers so much. They understand and know me so darn well.


Hahaha! That´s cute!

Cute? My coworkers’s comments? OR ME!!?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Yeah I know, I’m freaking cute.

That was a lie. Hey, it’s April fool’s day!!

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No, you are cute! :slight_smile: I mean the wording that you chose.

NB: Like when Emmaki used the word ˝Fiverr Fatsos˝, I think that´s cute.

@emmaki is NOT cute. She is un-cute. (But I love/hate her all the same [Sibling love/hate, not any other type]) Now @zeus777 , she is cute.


@writer99025 I meant, Emmaki sometimes uses cute wording. I can´t explain it why I think it´s cute :slight_smile:



Hii Zeus have you heard songa of Flow? Guessing you’re Japanese person.

I hate it that Zeus is so freaking artistically talented. I can’t even draw a dog.

Kindergarten kids draw better than me - I - me - I - whatever, I can never remember if it’s I or me. Oh, well, English isn’t my 1st language so I got an excuse!


You don´t really hate it, though, because you know it´s great that Fiverr has people who can do stuff for you that they are better at doing than you (freely quoting something very wise you said in some post off the top of my head :P). (P. S. I hate it too! ;))

And it´s a great excuse, I often wonder, when people critisize others for their grammar or spelling, if it´s not really essential for their job (or if it is essential for their job but they are off work just replying casually on a forum :wink: or are on their phone and victim to autocorrect and such), if they even speak any foreign language at all themselves and know how difficult it is to get it all right, and if they do, if they never make mistakes themselves.

Just claim you can never remember on purpose, because you´re a nice person and don´t want proofreaders to become obsolete, just imagine, if everyone would have perfect grammar, a whole category of gigs and hundreds (? no idea) of proofreaders on Fiverr out of work!

[details=The Secret Formula]
I/me is pretty simple btw (at least in theory though it´s easy to mess it up ‘on the go’ and it´s a very common mistake to get it wrong, even with native speakers, it´s one of the things you do know (that´s if you learned it at all) and notice when you re-read or think about it, but might still get wrong sometimes).

You use I when it´s (part of) the subject of a sentence, and me, if it´s (part of) the object.

I can´t draw.
Zeus and I went to the same kindergarten.

Zeus did an awesome drawing for me.
The barista brought Zeus and me a pumpkin spice latte.[/details]


I believe there are mistakes made due to carelessness of a native speaker. There/their/they’re comes to mind.

Whoa! Crazy, what are the chances!?

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The best April Fools Day prank I have seen (I eh… read about it) was when P0rnhub said something like

We hope you liked the video, we have shared it with your Facebook friends!

I can just imagine the panic it created.


Yes, that´s right, there are whole ‘complexes of mistakes’ that are common for

  • native speakers, often carelessness, or not really having ‘formally’ learnt the rules/slept through classes…
  • non-native speakers (e.g. the famous ‘false friends’, you can often tell, or at least make a good guess what a person’s 1st language is based on the kind of mistakes they make)
  • people who speak 2, or more, languages about equally well

And then there are of course people with dyslexia etc., I have to do with that a lot, and some people really get nasty making fun of them for their mistakes, or not really fun, you know, just being mean, which really gets annoying, especially if it´s people who make mistakes themselves which aren´t caused by real issues but by, as you nicely said, carelessness. :wink:

Yeah, the chances are pretty low I guess, but 世界は小さいですね, Zeus-ちゃん。[quote=“eoinfinnegan, post:12, topic:118784”]
I can just imagine the panic it created.

Mh, that YouTube hacker group might find inspiration in that, too, for a nice prank.

I can imagine PM Modi coming on national TV and saying “Mitron, I have now decided to ban your Rs. 2000 notes…” Best April Fool Joke ever. Could happen for real too :smile:

そうですね、たしかに世界は小さいですねミラさん。^ ^

I was born in Germany and even though I don’t speak a word of German since I stayed there for a very short time, as my mom would put it “the first breath I took was German air, so Germany is not in my blood but it’s in my body!” I need visit the country someday, I hear they have GREAT sausage and chocolate…


The world is small! @zeus777

[system notification] Congratulations, dear @writer99025, you just received a new badge!

Modibabe (You found a way to bring PM Modi into every******conversation in Conversations.)


Can I just say that our PM Modi and Japan’s President Shinzo Abe are best friends?

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I bet Abe always flies over so they can watch the cricket finals together while having a nice cup of half-and-half green and pink kashmiri tea.

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You really know how to shut me up.

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That´s what sisters do, Bhai. :hushed: