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April Fools gig: I will make a Full HD Video of a Website Doing The Harlem Shake


24 Hours Delivery I will record full HD video of any website doing the insanely popular Harlem Shake. In most videos there are only people doing the Harlem Shake. Lets change that. Send me url of a website and i make it dance to Harlem Shake melody. I will record all that and send you the video. You can upload it to youtube, show your friends and family. Video is high resolution mp4 format. Limited time Offer: Buy this Gig and get one of my other gigs for FREE.


Is this offer work for your other gig as well :smiley: ?

Anyway nice gig. I would include the link here so other people don’t have to look for it:


Thanks, I forgot to add the link :">


Surprise your friends with this harlem shake video on April fools day!