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April Forum Updates

Hello happy Fiverr Forum users! We have some great news to share with you all.

Excited to announce that we’re adding some new badges for forum users to earn and a new rewards system for these badges! Once these badges are earned, you can trade them in for :dollar:Forum Doer Dollars​:dollar:. Think of these new :dollar:Forum Doer Dollars​:dollar: similar to carnival fair midway tickets. We’ll also be introducing a marketplace to redeem these :dollar:Forum Doer Dollars​:dollar: for fun prizes like stuffed animals, large novelty hats and temporary tattoos.

Why This Choice?
Inspired by the summer carnival season, we though that Spring was a great time for change!

What are these new badges?

  • First Celebrity Quote (Posted a quote by a Celebrity)
  • Moderator Choice (Liked by 3 or more Moderators)**
  • Hot Dog (Chosen by Moderators for best Pet Picture)
  • Great Job (Answered 5000 FAQs that are marked as Resolved)
  • Good Trick (Received 5 likes in spite of being flagged)
  • Unwelcome (Received 50 flags for spamming within 3 seconds)
  • The Deleter (Self-Deleted More than 80% of your own posts)
  • The Memelator (Selected by Moderators for Excellence in Memery)
  • Most Forum Flounces (Selected by Moderators for Announcing Forum Exit more than Ten Times)
  • Great Trick (Most Revealing Profile Photo)
  • Most Sensitive (Posted Cry Emojis 500 times)
  • The Unfair Flagger (Flagged a User for an Incredibly Unfair Reason)
  • The Unfairly Flagged (User Flagged for Incredibly Unfair Reason)
  • Dumbest Tip Post (The best plagiarized, simplistic or badly written tip post of the month)
  • Attention Seeker (Received when you’ve been warned 25 times for dominating a thread)
  • Buying Friends Badge (Purchased Gigs from 500 popular forum users)
  • The Faker (Worst attempt at pretending to be the person in the profile photo)
  • The Trumpeter (Starts posts about Trumpets most often)
  • It’s a Conspiracy (Earned when you have 11, 13 and 33 conspiracy theory posts)
  • Irregular (Suspended at least 100 times without being Perma Banned)
  • The Itch (Chosen by forum regulars as the meanest moderator of the month)
  • Beloved (Recognized for being positive in the face of new changes!)

When will these badges be live?
When awarded these new badges, you will gain :dollar:Forum Doer Dollars​:dollar: automagically. The marketplace will go live: when APRIL FOOLS DAY is over.

Thanks for playing along Doers!

:heart:️ to @fonthaunt, @eoinfinnegan & @annai80 for the idea & execution!



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You could make me a regular–that would be more subtle April Fool! :smirk:


That makes me wish they´d given you a Moderator tag for today… that would have made for a popcorn-saturated Saturday.


Baby steps on my to inexorable march to power, @miiila!

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(hint: emoji has to do with Fiverr’s motto)

[details=totally uninteresting]I´ve been only pranked on Fiverr forum so far today, so it´s good I came here! Though there just was an alarm siren…funny day to pick for emergency drills… <.< they always do them on Saturdays though, so suppose someone just was a bit too hidebound to consider the date.
Told you it was boring, now don´t complain![/details]

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I can think of at least a couple of badges here that have been created with me in mind.


There´s a 100-posts-on-cricket, a bronze-forum-certificate and a most-likes-for-a-Modi-related-post badge? Very creative use of discourse badge adaptation by the mods, I must say.

You have nice badges though!


ok thank you - good stuff…

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These two seems impossible :stuck_out_tongue: [quote=“mjensen415, post:1, topic:118810”]
Most Sensitive (Posted Cry Emojis 500 times)
Is there any Gender restriction? :smiley:

I would help a lot of people to get this badge :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

All ideas are awesome, Hope they will be reality in next April fools :wink:


The latter of these is totally possible, as they didn´t mention a timeframe for it. And I won´t mention names. Forum rules and stuff. :wink:


Is it April fool or reality?


It’s reality :grin: I am not sure why everyone thinks it’s a joke :sunglasses:


I’m not taking it as a joke :sweat_smile:


But an Irregular would be such a lofty goal!

I can’t imagine what you mean. :slight_smile: