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Arabic design logo gig

Hi Fiverr World.
I’m here for talk to you about my gig DESIGN on BRANDIDENTITY. Delivery in 48h.
For check it, follow the link:

Thank you for your attention.
Best regards :slight_smile:


great! How can i help you>?

Thank you so much. Nothing help, if you are interested you could buy my gig, naturally only if you need a logo. :slight_smile:
If not, don t worry for me it s more important what you think about my work and I appreciate it!

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I thought sellers weren’t supposed to post on this forum merely to spam about their gig?
Here’s where you should’ve posted that promotion instead:

My Fiverr Gigs is the only category where sellers are allowed to advertise and put a link to their gig.

Edit: The OP did put his post in the correct category.
I see you edited your post and added the link after I replied to you.
Just clarifying so that my post makes sense.


Yes, you’re right. I’m new here and got confused. Good luck on best success on selling your gig!

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