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ARABIC gig? *Give me your opinion

Hello Fiverr community, before a while I used to have a gig which is “learn Arabic” and I deleted it and now I’m thinking about bring it up again, so I don’t know if I should or not.

I mean do you think it will get a good impression and sales?
Is there a lot of people in Fiverr community want really to learn Arabic or to practice (speaking) it?

*I’m Arabic native speaker.

I’m wondering so much about this,
I hope to give me your opinion =)

Thank you,

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How long was your gig active for and how much sales did you get in that time period?

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It was active for one year now and only two sales it got.

If you think it is worth your time then only create it. Don’t expect more sales than that as there are already about 5 more sellers doing the same. One joined this month only.

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Yeah there is a lot of sellers provide this kind of gig.
Thank you for your opinion!

Where is all Fiverr community members!