Architectural design fees in your country


How much does it cost to design buildings in your country?! (i.e Modern style Villas with 250 s.m built up and 400 s.m garden [architectural plan, furnished plan, site plan and Elevations])
In Egypt:
it varies between (750$) up to (1000$).


Um, interesting question.
I don’t have the slightest clue. Why do you want to know?


May be as geberal knowledge, also knowing if my gigs are of high price or low for different buyers from different countries


In fairness, that is quite reasonable. Egyptian designers are responsible for some of the most robust buildings in the world.


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Does this sound right to you?

I totally agree. I’m very fascinated by these beauties!


Italy: from $10000 to $30000.


In Trinidad and Tobago, it varies between $6,000 to $10,000, sometimes more.


i should come to Italy :smiley: :smiley:


This are the prices in the Netherlands.

Project Average price per order, incl. VAT
Drawing of an extension € 400
Complete assignment, including construction supervision € 10.500
Full assignment new house including contractor selection and construction supervision € 17.400 - € 22.300


Am I very bad that I though of these:


i wish the world one-day know the way Pharaohs built that structure


I honestly don’t know, Nika. Perhaps @shadyelshafie91 could lecture us.

I totally know nothing in the architecture field. :flushed:


It’s OK, Youssef. :smile: It’s one of those interesting threads.


The architect I used to work with started her fees at $20,000 and up. She was a good one.


if you gonna purchase the design from an expert architect it will cost ( 1500$ up to 2500$ ) the first costs i wrote was for an architect with 1 up to 5 years experience