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Archiving Completed Jobs

Mainly for the audio and video guys (where projects and file sizes are big) - do you archive your completed project folders or delete them? It’s getting to a point where my Fiverr folder is taking up a lot of space and I need to decide what I’m going to do with the completed jobs. I don’t really want to “use up” a gig extra to offer archiving, but I could perhaps create a separate gig for clients to purchase an archive of their completed work for future reference.

Are there any legalities with regard to keeping or deleting completed work?

I certainly do not think that you are under any legal obligation to archive. However, once you offer to archive for a gig price, then you are entering a grey area. You are offering an “extended” service for which there is no expiration date! How long can you stay in business? Archiving means people would need to contact you outside of Fiverr, potentially, eventually. I don’t think it is worth it; however, I am a writer, and my entire archiving process includes copying my entire Fiverr folder to a 4GB thumb drive. Some people ask me for past articles that they have misplaced, and I am happy to send it to them; but that is only because they are lucky and I am organized. So, I say delete away and keep your life simple. Something as important as video work, the customer should have a back up, not you. Remember, you are a freelancer, not an employee. Keep it that way.