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Are 2d videos in demand?

Hello there guys??
Are 2d explainer videos in demand at the moment?? I had a look but couldnt find topic on this subject.
Cheers in advanced.

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Why not have a look on Fiverr for the relevant keywords? You can see how many people are selling, how many gigs are there, and by looking at individual gigs, you can get a feel for how many sales people are getting (number of reviews they’ve got and the number of orders they’ve got in the queue).

I think you’ll find explainer videos in general are more in-demand than they’ve ever been right now. Think about the sites you visit (Facebook, Insta, LinkedIn etc). Video is king right now.


In general, explainer videos are in decline as a marketing tool. When was the last time you watched an explainer video and bought something? Likely the answer is never.

It’s still a good idea to have a video on a website or about page for SEO purposes and to introduce what you do. However, videos that drive sales are now more predominantly live action based and/or created in tandem with social media influencers. The exception to this rule is when videos are used in paid video ad campaigns.


I’d say it depends a little on your definition of an Explainer video. They’re not exclusively for selling. In fact, the past 4 videos that we created have been ‘explainer videos’, but they’re explaining the service to existing users of an app or platform. We get a lot of that kind of work.

But if we’re talking exclusively about cartoony videos, I can see why there would be less demand (although there are 2 US Fiverr sellers who offer 2D Animated and Whiteboard vids who always seem to have a minimum of 20 orders in their respective queues, so someone’s buying them…)

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Video is always in demand.

Explainers, promos, short form ads for social media, mobile ads, you name it.

I think trends change every couple of years, in terms of visual style or what the next “holy grail” of marketing turns out to be.

But overall video is always in demand.

2D animation is on the rise, in my professional opinion. 3D even more so.

So yes it depends on what your definition of 2D videos really is.

If it’s just cute animated explainers, yes I think that tool is not as shiny anymore.

We just need a new term for them, as they are now something different.


Cheers guys, thanks for all the replys :grinning:.

Lot of mixed opinions there.

I think i will put up a gig and see what happens.


And to add, i was thinking along the lines of something that this website produces


I’m sorry but you were inquiring so that you could start a gig offering videos from a service offering semi-automated videos?