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Are all designers scam artists?

I recently ordered logos from 2 different gigs and I found out they do not draw the logos themselves. They use free pictures from the Internet. What company wants a “stolen” not original logo?? I feel like a I have been deceived. Reviews can only be made after the first approved so not be modified.

Do all the “artists” here use free pictures instead of creating something new?? If so, I will never use fiverr again. Not to mention the money I lost on non original logos.


If the designers have full rights to the images, i.e. they could be under a creative commons license, and they don’t state they are original. Then yes they can use premade images, although, I wouldn’t say that’s very original of them and kind of defeats the point of purchasing a “new” logo from a gig.


They use non-copyright images, if you want original logos they cost WAY more, you should have contacted them first, it’s not their fault.


I have contacted them first. I know the pictures are free of use but what is the post of fiverr if a designer does not design. But now I understand this website is useless for original art so I am better of with an official company that is honest.

@malaimalai84 Due to COVID people are desperate, they lost jobs and income. The logo is the most propagandized way of “fast easy money” without skills.

I do not want to blame you but you should as buyer check your sellers, check their portfolios, contact them in inbox to give you a sample of their work (not a sample of the drawing you want them to do for you) just sample, and look at their communication and request.

When someone wants me to make his logo, I say from the first message in order for me to give you quality output I need to have quality input. So I need to collect a lot of pieces of information from you. The logo is not line here line there, crop from online logo maker fthere, and voila your logo is created.

If you go to professional and say I need the logo in 1 day, she will respond (aka I will respond): Do you want to be successful for a day or longer??


As I said, I did contact them, I don’t care about “one day rush”. I explained what my company stands for and what I want the logo to represent. Desperation does not justify fraud, because that is how I see it. But I realize this site is for earning an easy buck rather than helping real beginning or struggling artists.

did you have specific requirements? did the srock logo meet said requirements?

i have received logos that contain a stock image of a lemur, and is consequently nothing like the requirements that i sent. usually though, when i point this out in a revision, and make notes on the delivered file, they will make me something original. it might not be as good quality, but if you pay $5, you will get $5 worth of logo

teh seller who made my icon only sells their own original work, and offers really good value for money IMHO. i think i pays $30 and i would up getting source files and all he trimmings for two versions of the logo

my advice would be to check out the DELIVERED images on the sellers profile, and also pay attention to what the different packages include

hope this helps

additionally, with logos it’s usually quite easy to edit them yourself due to their simplistic nature, especially when you have transparencies and source files and wotnot


You do realize the problem with saying, even in the form of a question that “all designers are scam artists”, right?

May I ask how much you pay for each of your original designs? Also may I ask how much you would pay if you go for one of the so called “official company that is honest”?


You have to vet sellers. If you go for the $5 “logo designers” with broken english, that’s what you’re most likely gonna get. If you go to a Pro logo designer and talk about your needs before ordering, I highly doubt you’ll get a copyright free image for a logo.


How much did you pay, if you don’t mind me asking?


I do not know how you ever been to China market but I was. You have a bunch of stands that are selling SONY products and there you have big huge mall with SONY logo glowing in to the dark.

If you want original quality SONY device, where do you go?

We are all in the same market. Flashing SONY buildings represent professional established designers who work for 18000 USD and above.

On the market, you get better deal but you have to look the entire day to get the same product as in the SONY store.

I manage to buy my first camera like that, on the market all day.

I went into the store to see what is the deal between fake and original, original has Made in Japan sign. So I went outside and looked for that.

Same here. You will save a lot of money but you need to do the leg work.

You say your company was cheated of the logo. How much money did you invest in something important as a company logo?


This site is not for “earning an easy buck” nor to help “real beginning or struggling artists”

This is a professional platform that you can get professional services with both parts working together…no one is doing anyone a favor here.

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If it is a professional platform, there should be professional designers. I paid 70 euros per gig. I gave my specific requirements. I have read all the comments of other buyers, I tried to prepare as best as I could with all the given information.

I think the gig should say they use free pictures and are not really painters themselves.

There are professional designers here, stop implying that there aren’t. That’s extremely rude to all successful sellers who have been delivering great work for years here.


For Fiverr standard this is “a lot” and I am honestly sorry, but as a professional designer who just joined Fiverr and did deep research is Fiverr a bunch of fakes or not, I joined because I discovered that if you are professional there is room for you to succeed. If you take your time on the forum you will see hundreds of sellers without one sale monthly, while true professionals with skills get 10 orders in the first month, which is a lot today in the overcrowded market.

I have received a lot of “logos” to fix made from established sellers that sell poor quality logos, and it is all due to buyers’ lack of skills and knowledge on what logo really is.

Basically 95% of all my orders so far were to recreate or fix poor logos.

So in a way, all those people without skills are making my sales.

Do I wish they find me first? Yes. But Fiverr doesn’t work like that.


The only way is to talk with the seller before ordering, which I highly suspect you didn’t go a good enough job at.

You can fake portfolio. You can fake descriptions. You can even fake reviews. You can’t fake a live conversation.

As I already said twice, I did talk to them first.

No, not all designers are scam artists.
With a bit of knowledge, you can easily distinguish those that are and those that aren’t.

Next time do a lot more research and don’t just buy expecting job well done from anyone. :grin:

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And did you ask them if the logos would be totally original? Was their communication good? Did they straight up lie to your face? If so, you can take that to CS and get a refund.

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Exactly. To my client after the initial message, I send him/her 5 A4 size pages to study before we even begin to talk about designing logo. And that is just beginning.

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