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Are all designers scam artists?

i’ve had really good experiences here for far less then 70 euros



Did they ask you to answer these questions:

What Best Represents the Company? …
Which Logos Resonate with You? …
Who are Your Competitors? …
Which Colors Best Suit Your Brand? …
Which Font Best Fits Your Brand? …
Who is Your Target Audience? …
Is It Visible Regardless of Size and Color?
Does It Feature a Memorable Design or Gimmick?
Is the Design Appropriate?
Does the Design Fit the Budget?
Is It Timeless, do you want trendy now and change tomorrow?

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The forum is mainly made up of sellers, far more so than buyers. So generally, if you come on the forum with an ‘All sellers are fakes and frauds’ attitude, you’re going to receive a lot of angry replies, which probably isn’t what you came here for.

I’m genuinely sorry that you had a poor experience. $70 isn’t dirt-cheap in the world of logos (as far as I know, I don’t make them and I’ve only ever bought one!) but it’s also not particularly expensive either. The only logo I bought, I purchased for $60 here on Fiverr, and I knew when I was buying it, that it was a stock design that was going to be customised for me. I was happy with that cost, for that kind of work.

Honestly, even if you’d sunk all your money into one designer, $140 still isn’t that much for a custom-drawn logo. If I had to guess a ballpark, for a logo that was designed totally from scratch, specific to my business needs, I’d expect to pay $250 minimum. Even then, I’d probably still expect to be dealing with a more junior/mid-level designer. Designing a logo takes hours of work, and top-tier designers can charge a lot of money per hour. Maybe I’m wrong, but when I think of the work involved, and the talent required…

As others have said, if the sellers misrepresented what you were going to get (ie; advertised a custom/hand drawn logo and didn’t provide it) you might have a case with Customer Support. Otherwise, you may need to do some more in-depth research next time, and possibly have to consider raising your budget.


I understand my topic title will get people angry, but so am I. I expected honest workers and did not get what I thought Inwas going to get.

Even of the logo was 5 euro’s it shouldn’t matter. If you say A but deliver Z, it still is fraud.


I hate to repeat myself but you probably never read this from me, the true designer will always draw custom, fro 5$ or 3000$.
I “tried” using logo maker for a day for myself for fun and I was so uninspired that my day felt so wasted…

The “slight” problem new professionals are experiencing on this platform is lack of exposure an possibility of getting clients so we keep the prices low.

@malaimalai84 What did you hoped it will happen when you log on the forum and create this topic? Did you really came to just vent or did you hopped that some professional will do her work of 400$ for 70$ just because you were robbed once?
I can not take the hit because someone stole your money. If you feel you did not receive what was promised contact CS and they will refund you.

But look at it this way. What would you prefer, hire professional to make you perfect logo for 400$ or 80 "YX? for 5$ ?

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However this was a good learning school for me and I will spend my money (and yes more) to a existing local logo company. No more freelancers for me.

Sorry for the artists who are truly doing their best, I hope you can keep up the good work.

I came here because I truly was wondering if all the logo designers worked like this. I started to suspect (which I now know is not so) that this website was only using pre existing logos.

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The designers you hired charge $35 for premium package?

It does say “unique” in their gig descriptions.

Many designers (not on Fiverr) would charge $500 minimum, though a junior/mid-level designer might charge $250.

More. First discussing everything (as @marinapomorac outlined), then drawing concepts by hand, then discussing them with the client, tweaking, changing, drawing actual logos… And that’s just my (very limited) knowledge of the industry.

I used to believe this, but then I saw some buyers on Fiverr expecting 30,000 words for $5, and acting offended when they got plagiarized text. For $5, one shouldn’t expect anything that takes more than 5-15 minutes to create.


COMPLETLY AGREE with you on this.

That is why I have logos for 5$ and 400$. 5$ is for individuals, kids running twitch channel, and what not, and large corporations. They both get my maximum quality.

The only difference is that corporation receives logos in 10 different versions, sizes, with grid lines, with proportions, with the font used, colors used, HEX, PANTONE, licenses used, the full package. Twitch dude doesn’t need that, and that is the difference in 395$. I make a logo for nothing, all the rest mambo jumbo costs.


@visualstudios Just out of curiosity, you are longer here than me. What can we do in situations like this? When a buyer is on the forum. Can we point-blank tell her: “I can do that, contact me in the inbox?” or is that against TOS?
Because I would really want to see can I create something rememberable for her, or is she just a high maintenance buyer?

Advertising gigs outside Fiverr is not against TOS, so I can’t see why it wouldn’t be allowed. The opposite is where there will be problems.


I’m not @visualstudios, but I can answer that: no, we are not allowed. That’s self-promotion, and it’s only allowed in My Fiverr Gigs. We are not even allowed to respond when a buyer creates a topic like “I need a designer to do XY” and that’s exactly your specialty.

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Technically, maybe. It doesn’t really matter though. I’m not advising people to spam. However, if you find somebody you can truly help, it’s a win-win situation. Maybe you’ll get a flag on your post. So what?

Now, just for the meksells - you can’t do it. This advice applies solely to people who actually know what they are doing and are not desperate.

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@catwriter Thank you. Uppsy :smiley: But I learn fast.

If she truly wants PRO she can always find PRO by searching the name, right, right “WINK”?


If you don’t mind breaking the forum rules and getting permanently banned from the forum (if you repeatedly break the same rule), I guess you can do it.

Err, did you want to be a forum mod? Knowledge of the rules (and not violating them) might help… Just saying. :smile_cat:

Exactly. While the forum isn’t the best place to get leads (because it’s mostly sellers here), buyers can notice that you know what you’re talking about and look you up by name. :smiley_cat:

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I was the first to say I probably wouldn’t fit the criteria. I disagree with some of the rules. Some of the rules are in place due to the meksells spamming. That’s not what I’m advising. It’s completely different so say “Hey, I see what you’re saying and I think I can help you with that” and “dear sir mam please place order I’ll do it perfect”. Unfortunately, rules don’t seem to be able to discriminate that. You can check my posts, btw - I never offered services on the forum, solicited or unsolicited. I never advertise. But if I’m ever in a situation where that is obviously good for both me and the other person, why not. I’m flexible like that, unlike some rules.

graphic designer = photoshop expert skilled person
illustrator = draw himself the logo

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To be honest, I would contact Fiverr CS and ask for a refund. Paying $5 or even $20, you kind of expect a seller to be providing a template based logo. However, paying $70 and having a seller deliver a stock image is a bit cheeky.

To be honest, you want to be careful. If a company doesn’t have a brick and mortar business you can walk into, you can guarantee in most cases that they just outsource designs to freelancers here and on other platforms.

The grass can look greener on the other side, but once you get there, you realize there isn’t any grass at all.

If this is the case, there are clear grounds for a refund.


Even if they do. I used to work, many years ago, for one of those agencies. Office in the business district, top floor, bean bags, coffee, expensive lunch with clients, owner driving a Ferrari, the whole shebang and they’d still outsource a lot of their work to me.

They’ve always paid what I asked for and always treat me fairly, so no complaints…but I’d always be thinking how much they’d be actually making on each transaction.

Bottom line is: People like their grass green


@malaimalai84 I am sorry to bother you with question but I am curios, did you look for the seller in search feature or did you post Buyers request?

Because, just for reference, one guy just posted he needs a logo. His text is over 14 sentences, so that is like 2-3 minutes to read. In 30 seconds he has 145 offers.

So even if I send my message now, it would be pointless.

So if you placed buyer request, true professional will read your request, and that takes time.