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Are all successful freelancers on Fiverr overweight?




I am rather chunky right now. But I still fit into my pants!

My new ones.

That I bought.

When my old ones stopped fitting.


We’re not overweight. just a little pudgy.


We should celebrate elasticated waistbands. The true savior of all freelancers. Comfort with not so much style.


The dryer keeps shrinking my pants. I need to get a new dryer.


My height is 5.3’ (161cm), my weight is 108 pounds(49g)
so I think I’m not overweight. Average by Japanese standards maybe??
Back when I was 18, I was getting heavy to a point where I wasn’t able to hook my school uniform skirt so I had to use 2 safety pins to hold it together…that’s when I realized I had to lose weight.
I went on a diet and lost a lot of weight, so I swore to myself I’ll NEVER
go back to my old weight. So far I’m doing fine! :smiley:


That’s too funny. Must be the good food your private chef is serving you on a gold plate every night.
When I have really busy days I usually forget to eat. How are your workouts going @writer did you finally take some time off :wink: ??

@Zeuss you should give us some recipes for yummy Japanese dishes :slight_smile:


Yeah, I have a limit order in place for 20 orders, it’s been around for a month now and I have 50 orders in the queue, all from old clients, despite taking myself out from the search engines. Well, I need to take a day off to get my eyes checked, just don’t get the time. And today 3 orders are late. Anyways!


I’m overweight but I don’t think my gains were particularly due to freelancing. Until I was 40 I was just a little on the pudge side but also had horses and stayed very active. I started gaining weight around then and when I moved and couldn’t keep my horses, I just didn’t really pay attention to exercise. I know not all successful freelancers are overweight since I’ve seen pictures from the last NYC even with redhorrocks and linneas88 and both of them are skinnies!

Between the typical gain for a lot of 40+ people and the more sedate routine, I was already heavy by the time I started freelancing. I’ve actually lost weight since I’ve been on Fiverr, I’m down now by 53 lbs since late summer 2014. I think the loss is due to deliberately increasing my exercise and getting a house with a good kitchen so healthier meals are easier to come by. Didn’t you have another thread about this?


I guess I’m not a successful freelancer on Fiverr.
I need to gain 20 pounds and $1000.00 per month to join this club.

I’m 5’9, 180lbs.


LOL, short and clear ˝DISCUSS˝.


It doesn’t always work, but it did here. :slight_smile:


It should, we are all obsessed with our weight/appearance/looks, whether we admit it or not…basic human psychology.



I know this is a typo but dayum gurl! My breakfast dwarfed you!


@fonthaunt Yup :slight_smile:


@writer99025 That´s true :slight_smile:


Could be. I don’t know if that’s a guarantee for forum responses, though. Forum psychology could probably be a dissertation itself! I’m obsessed with how cute sloths are, but I haven’t responded to a single post about sloths on the Fiverr forum this week. Eerie… :wink:


Yeah, sloths are cute :slight_smile:


HAHAHAHAHA, woops, sorry!
It’s 49 kg!!!


Never thought about it but guess its true because i felt bad the last time a kid started crying and a woman run away from me when they were walking towards me in a dark tunnel at night.
Not sure what that was about, i was just wearing my normal white painters working clothes stained with red paint.