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Are all the outgoing links forbidden in the Fiverr forum?


I included two innocent links about “how to clear browser’s cache” from WikiHow and Indiana University. A moderator removed both of those outgoing links, LOL!


Here is a link to the forum rules:Forum Rules + Do's and Dont's which may be helpful to you.


@lloydsolutions thanks for your mighty help.

If you don’t mind. Could you answer with yes/no or quote the specific part only instead of generic reply please?


More specifically, from the rules:

You may post links that are relevant to the discussions as long as they are not links to your own website, blog or otherwise violate ToS or these rules.

Most links are against the ToS when used in your gigs/profile, but it’s not very clear if their same list of allowed sites applies here (it doesn’t seem to). From what I’ve seen, the link removal is rather sporadic so it may boil down to a per-mod/per-situation basis. I understand removing suspicious or shortened links but there are tons of links I find removed on the forum.

Sorry, that’s probably not too helpful, but I’m a bit unclear myself.

@fonthaunt Maddie, sorry to disturb you. Can we get clarification on this? Maybe even consider a small rewrite in the rules to clear it up and establish the mod’s stance?


There really is no way to add an exhaustive list of links that would be okay or not. Mods handle links on a case-by-case basis. If the Mod isn’t sure, links are generally removed unless they are in the approved list used for Fiverr gigs. Even then the link has to be relevant and not used for advertising to be on the forum.

Forum users who want to recommend relevant instructions are encouraged to refer to sites without using links. (For example, “Search Wikihow for instructions to clear the cache.”) Another alternative is to write instructions out and post a guide.

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