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Are all top rated or level 2 sellers true?


Being new here in Fiverr and would also like to seek services. I do have questions regarding to ranking as I have been hearing some news about trading reviews. I just want to ask, are those who has badges like level 2, top rated and other rankings are really true? I’m just curious though because some claimed that some of them are just trading reviews to improve their rankings. What are the ways that we can assure that the particular seller can deliver the job? Can we request free trial or test?


Sadly, I’ve seen leveled sellers NOT being qualified at all, but the buyers are not aware of it, and they leave a nice review which attracts more buyers and stick around.
Lies to get expose at one point and I’ve seen them disappear,but there are always new ones.

I think the best way to test people is to place an order, a basis gig and see how it turns out.
Many sellers don’t give away free tests though, you’ll need to check.
A lot of buyers go through several trial and error, hits and misses.

Good luck!!


Technically you can, but it is not a good idea. The best thing to do is to place a small sample order. By the time you get to the point of even asking a seller for some work, you should have already done some other vetting, so the seller should be paid for their time. You can ask if sellers have a free viewable portfolio or pre-made sample they can show you, that isn’t the same thing as asking for free custom work.

Badges are a guideline, nothing more or less. In general, levels 1, 2 and TRS have gone through certain steps to gain those badges and that might help as part of your vetting process, but many level 0 sellers have worked on other platforms or have worked on Fiverr but had a cancellation that lowered their level temporarily. The only badge that is a bit different is the Pro badge since those sellers have been literally checked out by Fiverr staff but you expect to pay a premium for a Pro seller.

This probably does go on up to a point, but it would be expensive so most sellers aren’t like to do these to any extreme. Reviews are worth reading and they are meaningful, but are also a part of the vetting process.

Vetting - For me, my best methods of finding sellers has been to contact the seller first and have a conversation and to look at the seller’s previous work. If a seller responds within 24 hours and can converse with you well, that is a good sign. If the seller seems knowledgable about their service when you ask one or two questions, that is good. (If you want to ask tons of questions, you might want to pay the seller for a consultation.) The seller should have a gallery of sample work in their gig images or a URL they can offer leading to sample work. Some sellers get permission from buyers to show work they have done and some sellers create a portfolio of work. You should be able to use those samples to help make a decision. If a seller has no past work to show and hasn’t bothered to create any sample work at all, that could be a red flag.

Those are my opinions on vetting practicing, but there are plenty of remarkable talented sellers here that can be hired at bargain prices. Lowballing with $5 gigs is likely to lead to disappointment unless it’s a very small project or a sample. Moderately priced work and up can be great here.


I’m not aware of trading of reviews going on much at all. There might be a few new sellers who are desperate but those who trade reviews have gigs that no one wants to buy usually. A new seller with a bad looking gig that never gets sales may do that a few times thinking that it will help, but find that even with a few fake reviews, no one wants to buy their gig anyway.

Sellers with attractive popular gigs have no need to trade reviews. They get them honestly from happy buyers. Level two and Top Rated Sellers usually have hundreds or thousands of real reviews.