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Are all types of restrictions just for sellers and not for buyers?

Very upset from the last few days. Because two buyers are canceling 2 orders(I gave samples, they didn’t like it, I had a lot of time to deliver but they didn’t give me any chance) and another order has 3.3 feedback (He didn’t say anything to me. I gave him 9 designs. I was forced to deliver without any response before the time was up). I couldn’t say anything just for fear of winning. My question is what should sellar do for such a situation in Fiverr. Does Fiverr take any action for such buyers? Or is it just that there are so many strict restrictions only sellers?


Here is a thought: are you sure it’s only on your buyers? 3 people in a row didn’t like your work so maybe it’s to change something in your work?


You can contact CS - sometimes they help and delete unfair reviews. But, of course, each situation has its specificities.
Buyers has restrictions as well, but of course every seller know, that we have less rights, than buyers.

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you can contact to customer service of fiverr.

Agree - we don’t see the whole situation and don’t see the results of work, so it’s difficult to say who is wrong. If the work was good and according to the requirements, seller always can ask for CS help

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Fiverr mostly does not take any action! if your case is strong (CS will remove the review from your account or negative impact of the order cancellation) You have to satisfy your buyer. Maybe you have improve your skill level or if your skill level is good maybe the buyer want the quality work from less price. So you have to focus on the quality.

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This will destroy my account

He gave me an order of $ 5. You asked me what quality work I would give in it. Even then I gave 9 designs with all the format files.

You have to increase your price its not about the 9 design give one design but give the quality design. I’m not going to say about your skill level. I just want to say maybe buyer wants high level work in less price.

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Why do you think, that contacting CS will destroy your account?
Did you do something against ToS?


Some logos in your GIG images are on shutterstock under multiple different names.

etc etc.


Thank you, for your good communication. But he did not help me. He did not say a word to me. He did not say whether he liked or disliked my designs. I don’t understand what’s wrong with me here.

Try something else which works for you

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SO Now you can contact CS and explain each and everything right! maybe CS solve your issue.

And CS can see that he’s using images that are not his to use, and that he’s claiming he’s got many satisfied clients on Fiverr even though it’s not true.


In fact, I’m new to fiverr so I don’t know much

Thank you so much! To catch the mistakes. In fact, with my fiverr cover with some practiced designs in the beginning, I will make a cover with my unique design in a few days. I’m getting everything ready. Please tell me, Is there any more mistake?

That is not an excuse. Please read the Terms of Service:

You agreed to them when signing up to the platform.


Thank you so much! To catch the mistakes.
In fact, I gave the description in the beginning so there are many mistakes. I’m getting everything ready. Please tell me, Is there any more mistake?

I will be Frank with you, are you going to delete images in your logo GIG right now, Yes - No?
If yes, thank you, if no, I am going to report your GIG.

Have a nice day.