Are any fiverr sellers experiencing problems with impulse buyers?


I’m offering an express service here on fiverr and I’m happy to say that it’s gotten me to level one and now I’m very close to level 2 within a week. I’ve been a fiverr member for almost a year, but this is the first time I decided to start offering services of my own. However, now I’m afraid that I’m going to lose my level one status due to cancellations from too many impulse buyers clicking the buy button and not thoroughly reading my gig.

They are asking for services that I don’t provide and now I’ve had to cancel their order. Sometimes, I just do what they ask even though it’s clearly out of the range of what I’m offering but it’s becoming a bit of a problem for me.

I’ve tried updating my gig explaining what I’m offering and what I don’t provide twice, but either someone just hits the order button and doesn’t read the description, or something comes to their mind and they want me to provide more than what I am offering.

How do you deal with buyers who are asking for more beyond the scope of what the gig offers?


The only suggestion I could really make is to write at the top of your description in all caps something like “READ THIS BEFORE ORDERING.” …but frankly people are still going to order without reading and fiverr will still treat it like it’s your fault, even though it’s not, and even though your gig description is clear if people would just read it.

When people order one of my gigs and ask something outside of the scope, I either politely inform them that it requires an extra…or just sigh and complete the order as quickly as possible. Because I, like you, do not want to lose my levels because of cancellations. I’ve had some success getting people to message me beforehand by adding “If you have questions, please message BEFORE ordering,” which helps me to weed out some of the people who need something I don’t offer.

Sorry, that’s not very helpful…


The first point of my instructions is ‘’ 1.Please confirm that you read the description of the gig,otherwise we can’t work ‘’ Of course… around 10-15 % of my buyers actually do that :slight_smile: Who cares about my gig description ? :)) Oh and after 4-5 months they start complaining… I had a freak yesterdat that left a negative review after a year,but again…who cares about that ?


I had the same problem until I used both bold and yellow highlight in my description to clarify what I will not do. Of course this results in my description emphasizing the negative, and I’m sure this is costing me a high number of customers, but before I started with bolding and highlighting, my cancellation ratio was going through the roof. So it’s a trade-off I feel I have to make.


It goes in spurts. I can go for weeks without a cancellation, then today I had to kick back two. Yes, using bolder fonts is good. Just don’t go wiggly with lots of colors and scripts. That’s bad web design. Which gig are you having trouble with? Maybe we can take a look at it.


Thank you for all the responses. I applied big bold and highlighted fonts and I’m said to say that I had to include a special note in bold to remind the buyer of the $5.00 price. Shame. Things have been smooth so far. No one wants to order extra’s they only want to pay for the gig and I’m fine with that. So far since my rant and the improvements I made on my gig description things have been pretty smooth buyer wise.

I did get a buyer yesterday who did read the description but still expected me to go beyond what I offer. I suppose this is just something that is inevitable among sellers in the fiverr community. I didn’t do it this time. I delivered the gig as my description described, left the buyer with a positive and professional response why I could not go beyond my gig description, and now I’m hoping for the best reaction from the buyer. If not, oh well, but I feel that it’s time for me to stand my ground here.