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Are Any Sellers Struggling with Gig Package Quantities Requested By Buyers?


I don’t usually like ranting but I am a seller and this past week I had to cancel an order.

So the buyer that made the order didn’t message me in advance or anytnhing and place a massive order (using my premium gig which is 45 tweets with a 6-day duration and then requesting 8 quantities = 360 tweets). The buyer also requested this order be done super fast within 2 days (the super-fast option was an optional exra on my gig package). Further, it was an industry that I have never engaged in from a content writing perspective.
I asked the buyer for an extension eplaining that I needed more time and that the duration and quantity was unrealistic (especialy as I work during most of the week).

The buyer refused and I therefore had to cancel the order. As a result of cancelling the order, my ratings have gone down and I am not appearing on searches as much as I was previously.

Therefore, the main problem I have is the time specified in my gig packages not increasing when a Buyer places an multiple orders. Fiverr should set up a system that enables the order time to increase in proportion. Instead, sellers like me have to either work under pressure to complete the order or cancel it as the time is unrealsitic.

Are any other sellers out there facing any similar problems?


A lot of people complain about that.

I’d love this. I had a regular buyer who for the past year has got into the habit of placing multiple orders without prior discussion. I offer to turnaround 1 x 500-word article in 1-day. He would order 5 to 10 articles, even though I have packages set up for multiple orders.

With every order, I politely asked that next time they contact me for a custom quote. They never did. Neither did they ever respond to requests to extend order times.

In the end, late orders saw me get demoted in May. Now I’ve blocked this buyer. That might seem extreme. However, I can’t have multiple orders running late every month. Your solution would have made this a non-issue.


Yes, indeed. I’ve made at least two threads in the Site Suggestion category already (that’s those I could find at a quick glance, at least :wink: ), and I’m sure there are more by others. Not sure why they still didn’t fix the multiples issue for all categories, they did for VO some time ago.