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Are bad reviews automated "Seller Failed To Deliver On Time"?


I see a lot of negative reviews when the seller never delivered. Maybe that seller fell off the face of the Earth. Are those negative reviews automated by Fiverr?

I ask, because they all same the same thing.


It happens when the seller goes over the delivery time. The buyer then has the opportunity to cancel the order, if he or she cancels it, it automatically posts the negative feedback. A mutual cancellation does not leave anything. Its spares your feedback rating. But too many cancellations period, doesn’t look good to Fiverr.


Wow, thanks for clearing that up everyone. I always wondered about that.


Yes, I wondered that too.


Reply to @princemaxx: There ya go. I am not alone. LOL


Reply to @hotwebideas: On fiverr, you are never alone. :slight_smile:

I sent you a message btw


Reply to @princemaxx: Ok, let me check :wink:


Reply to @dukestravels: I believe when it crosses a threshold, it goes over and the notification is sent out, but I think the seller should get the notification before the buyer as a grace period to finally deliver the gig.


Anyone know if the message is sent out immediately? I am going to be a couple hours late on an order.


Dukestravels, if your gig is not “24 Hour” rated, you should suffer no negative consequences that are obvious. You will be given 24 hours after missing the date before the seller can force a refund and generate that negative.