Are bad reviews truly justified?


Hey, ya’ll. New to the community, but so far, loving the opportunity that I’m seeing.
Just one thing…reviews.

I have 3 gigs up, they get some attention, but not much (I lack a lot of social media, so no sharing for me)
Finally got a bite last night.
I wake up to find a one star review. Why? Because it’s not a personalized course. Thing is, in the description of the course, is says it’s not personalized. I’ve addressed this. There should be no confusion.

I’ve gone out of my way to put it in the Q&A of all my courses that none of my programs are personalized.

My question, I suppose, is that is there really no way of having a review removed EVEN if their concerns are properly addressed before they even purchased the gig?


Nope. The feedback removal system has completely changed. Fiverr are NOT going to remove negatives now.

One of the negatives I have on my account from about a year ago has the customer praising the work. Saying they loved it, then they left a negative when I did not give them free content. So, yeah. The feedback was allowed to remain as it was the customer’s experience with the order. The feedback removal policy has become FAR harsher since then.



That’s pretty discouraging. Guess it matches though, eh? One sale…one star.
I’ll consider this a lesson and start throwing disclaimers everywhere.

The staff should at least consider having a reply button for the reviews, only for the publisher. It would be nice to at least be able to publicly defend a bad review. Oh well.


You can. If you go to the feedback page, you have the opportunity to respond to it.


Didn’t see that. Thanks!