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Are Buyer requests really worth it?

I’ve applied to near 100 buyer requests and only got one sale. Seems that customers just take the first one to reply. I’m just wondering if this is worth of my time. Any tips ?

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I think it is worth it. I don’t know what category you work in, or what your requests look like but maybe you can re-work your requests. Definitely search this forum for tips on buyer requests. They will help a lot.

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Did you ever think that perhaps they just don’t choose you because your offer is not good enough? Perhaps you do not communicate what you do well enough. It is easy to assume that it is down to “not being fast enough”, “not being cheap enough”, “Buyers being stupid” etc but these excuses are worthless to you. Instead, focus on what you can do to make yourself stand out.

Check through the hundreds of posts which ask the same question as you have and read the answers there - then implement the methods that experienced and successful sellers have spent their time on to help you out.

Edit: @loganstover and I doing our infamous Good Cop, Bad Cop routine there.


I’ve gotten a lot of repeat customers out of buyers requests, and my first orders came from there as well. I would say it’s the only reason that I, a poor college student with no knowledge or network, could actually do reasonably well.

Also, I’ve applied to and heard back from many BR that have more than one response on them. Some buyers might go with the quickest responses, but most take time to determine who’s the best seller for their idea.


Definitely! I’ve used Buyer Requests as a buyer myself and I always wait until 10+ requests are in before I make my decision.

Side note: I ignore any request from a seller who seems to have a generic description of their offer. I suggest reiterating the buyer’s request so they know you read and understand it.


Here is what a TRB Top Rated Buyer has to say about Buyer Requests. Maybe you are not creating your requests properly?

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If you’re investing 5 minutes to send out a generic reply then it’s not worth it.
If you actually take time to write a personalized offer to a request that matches your skill set, then it is definitely worth it. If your success rate is 1% then I’m guessing you’re sending generic templates.

If you need specific tips then copy your most recent offer together with the request. We’ll have a look and tell you what you did wrong. We can’t guarantee you’ll get more sales, but considering your 1% success rate you can’t really do much worse either :smiley:

PS: Move your topic to “Improve My Gig” or “My Fiverr Gigs”.