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Are buyers allowed to post any request?

It seems as if buyers are given a free hand when it comes to posting a request.

Let me explain

I recently created a new gig, but it got denied because it violated the general TS. The same day I found a buyer request that matched exactly my blocked gig’s service.

Doesn’t fiverr check whether the buyers violate the TS? In the end, if I do the work for the buyer I risk getting a warning, don’t I?

Hi @elenaelena568

Are buyers allowed to post any request?

Buyer requests is exactly for that, for buyers to post their requests looking for sellers who can do their requested jobs.

They are not given “free hand”, Fiverr daily checks the pile of requests buyers submit.

This has nothing to do with buyers requesting offers from sellers. If Fiverr took down your gig due to TOS violation, it was your own fault so then, you need to read TOS ( and stick to it for this not happening again.

As said above, yes, Fiverr checks - as humanly as they can - what buyers are asking for. Again, this has nothing to do with Fiverr taking down your gig. You violated TOS, just don’t do it again.

Hope this helped you understanding.


Thank you very much maitasun for your reply.

I understand why my gig was denied. I’m just surprised that a buyer could post a request that matched precisely my gig.

What would happen if I did accept the buyer’s request? I really want to know what would happen.

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If Fiverr told you that something was against the Terms of Service by denying your gig and then you went and offered that service via another method (buyer request) I think you would be putting your account in jeopardy.


You’re welcome Elena. :wink:

Lloyd’s reply answers your question :wink:


I know, that’s why I stopped myself from sending an offer :innocent:

Other buyers, however, might be unaware of the general TS and send an offer! What happens next? Will the transaction be completed? Will fiverr intervene?

Do you see what I’m getting at?

We will never know the answer to that. But your best bet is to remain :innocent:


Hahah true :sunglasses:

There just seems to be a hole in the system, that’s all.

Just keep the following in mind and you’ll always be out of trouble.

Whenever a buyer requests, directly or through BR, something that violates TOS, deny your services or don’t send offers.

Always keep safe as best as you can :wink:

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Geez, that’s what surprised me. I assumed that buyers’ requests were already filtered and approved by fiverr, not that I had to be careful of violating any TS when sending an offer.

You learn something every day. Thanks a lot for the advice! I really appreciate it :relaxed: