Are buyers leaving bad reviews incorrectly? - A tip to avoid this problem


First my experience.

I offer a gig where I will make post on your website , facebook , or forum for X days. I clearly state that these interaction will take place at MINIMUM once every 72 hours. Often I do it every other day … but keeping a 3 day minimum allows people on those pages to create more content for me to interact with since the last time I’ve been there. I had a client order my gig for 3 days of interaction. I made posts on his page for 2 days and spaced them about 24 hours apart. So for him I was donig it every other day. On the 2nd day I was very sick so so I decided to get rest for 2 days (48 hours) … . keep in mind its still under my 72 hour minimum. He left bad ratings because I wasnt interacting enough with his page.

Clearly this buyer did not understand what my 72 hour timeframe involved. If I say I’ll post once on your page every 72 hours there is no way he should get away with leaving bad reviews on my gig if I posted once every 48 hours (Or about once every 30 hours in this case for this particular order) …

However , fiverr refuses to remove his rating.

So thats like saying “Hey I offer this” – and buyer leaves a bad review because he wanted something else other than what you offer. This is clearly a problem and this is why fiverr sellers feel mistreated.

---- My solution

If you are having problems with this. Tell your clients (through your intro video and gig description) to contact you BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER... That way you can screen them and see if they understand what you are offering. What I'd do is have a pre-typed document ready to send them and once they agree that they understand what you're offering then tell them to place the order.

In my video testimonial gigs , I'm telling them to do this if they do not already have a script.. I then take the time to write the script , send it to them for review , THEN tell them its okay to place the order.

Hopefully this will help weed out the buyers who cannot read properly and also will help orders to not go late for my video gigs if their product or website is hard to research or navigate to find information to write the script with in the first place.. It also saves on Re-dos because they already know exactly what I'm going to say because I sent them the script for review.

Hope this helps - - Fiverr's support team seems to favor buyers and seemingly enjoys the opportunity to slap the sellers because of ignorant buyers like the one in my story above.
What do you guys think?

Lets say you have a gig where you sell green cups and the buyer leaves a bad rating because you sold him a green cup but he really wanted a red one .. And leaves a bad rating that fiverr's support wont fix.

How would that make you feel? Because that IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENS HERE AT FIVERR.
We need to stand up as sellers and get this changed. Its ludicrous and a totally ignorant way to do business.


Do not post the same information in 2 different categories.


LoL go troll another thread. Yes this contains duplicate information but at the same time offers a tip. Of course I’m going to share why I’m providing this solution , the story is necessary. So eat my dirty underwear.


Reply to @zarklon: You couldn’t be serious.

Again, do not post the same information in 2 different categories. The sheriffs will delete one, if not both of them, and your story may not be heard at all, which is what you want. This is helpful (NOT malicious) advice.

Your personal attack/name calling is unwarranted and has nothing to do with me.


You’re funny cheezees


@zarklon asking people to contact you first is not going to make a single bit of difference to people who do not read the gig descriptions properly for the simple reason… they do not read the gig description and will not read that and probably will not look at the video either… You can put the same thing in a video and they still will not take any notice and there are a lot of people on Fiverr who do not have English as their first language and sometimes it is a simple communication issue as well.

The other issue with this is a lot of the people who do read descriptions will hesitate to place an order if they have to jump through more hoops (contacting you first) and this may not be as effective as you want.

As for your issue with your dirty underwear… May I respectively suggest you either sell it on ebay or wash it, instead of trying to pass it off as a food.


Great share. Thank you for the information !


Reply to @markp: Again mark , these are not reasons a SELLER should be penalized. You can always show a horse water but you can never make them drink it.

We should be standing up as sellers and demanding protection from these said users instead of siding any kind of way with them and pardoning their ignorance… becuase when the day’s over… The sellers , the people who make fiverr money here , are getting screwed… I’ve covered my bases in both the gig description and video. IF someone chooses not to fully inspect their purchase before buying it… That is not my problem. Should never be my problem. People need to own up to their own problems in life and my gig here on fiverr is no exception. Hell , its not a trap… its very simply written and very clearly explained in the video. The video helps clear up any misunderstanding about what the text is offering.

Adding words like “Not always consecutively” was iffy for me to do in my gig because I understand some people here dont even know the meaning of consecutively… Again though , I cant make them google that or look it up on

About my dirty underwear , I know exactly where I can sell them… I just dont O_o

If anyone still has a problem understanding what i offer in my gig after reading the description FULLY and watching the video FULLY (were talking 3-4 minutes of your time) then I’d like to know what you dont understand about the gig and what it offers.

I dont want to hear from people who only chose to read the gig or only chose to watch the video. Those guys fit into the same boat as the moron who left a bad rating on my gig. I dont want their business… stay out of my life. Thats what I want to tell people like that.

– Thnx clerk , glad you took something positive away from this one.


Thanx for the information. Let us know how its working for you.




I totally understand you zarklon and agree with you


I agree with what you are saying but it seems Fiverr are not interested. We have contacted customer service who seem to be taking ages to reply about someone who bought a gig from us and was taking advantage.

We offer a service where we promote fiverr gigs, now the basic service is promoting one fiverr gig using facebook, twitter etc and promoting the gigs on there to over 100,000 people, the extra gigs is where we write articles and press releases to gain you traffic with long lasting results, building links to your gig and increasing traffic by building your brand and service.

However, this person decided after paying $5 to send over three gigs to be promoted, because it is xmas we decided to do it, after we done all the work they decided they did not want to pay and wanted us to cancel the gig. I refused so they left us a bad review.

I would not use sohag67 service or sell her a service as she is untrustworthy. These people need to be banned off fiverr and fiverr needs to start cleaning up its acts to get rid of people like this.


Another way it could be avoided is by not having a misleading gig delivery time :slight_smile:


When a buyer purchases my gig they are given a message automatically and told that the gig will technically be “completed” on day one. They are told to cancel the order if there is any problem with that. Why did I not include this in the text? Simple - I can’t fit anymore in the box!

This has not been an issue with anyone yet , not even the orders for $75 that I’ve gotten several times now. Its just not an issue except for those who are impatient enough not to wait 3 days to see if I am still working on their order. And those people chose not to watch my video or read my gig description.


Yea , it seems like the ratio of people who agree/disagree with me is 50-50 but as I said in the other thread. The bottom line is , if you buy my gig I expect you to read the description at least! The video further explains what I cant fit in the description (thanks for the 1200 character limit fiverr) The one problematic buyer (out of 100+ orders) obviously chose not to watch my video and was able to leave a bad review for not understanding what I offer. This is simply wrong. I explain it 100% if you choose to watch the video and read the description . Maybe if you only read the description then you know 95% of what my gig entails. The other 5% is covered in the video simply cause I can’t fit anymore text in there. I can’t help those who are too lazy to read or are using antique computers that somehow can’t watch videos nor can I get past the limitations of having a 1:30 video… If we could explain our gigs more in text or make longer videos I’d be much happier… Regardless , this buyer chose not to fully explore his purchase. Its not like I’m hiding anything… he was just one of those buyers you need to watch out for. If I could just fit another few sentences in my gig description this problem would be avoided (assuming he could read in the first place)

I was posting on his page once every other day in his case… which is totally above par in my description of the gig. That makes this much more HIS problem than mine. Its just a shame such a simple matter could not be handled more properly by the staff here. His rating should be removed from my gig for him not understanding what he bought. Its all laid out in my description and video.