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Are buyers posting buyer requests reliable?

Hi! I’ve just upgraded to Level 1, so now I’m able to see hundreds of buyer requests. I would like to ask you, from your experience, if the buyers searching for sellers this way are reliable buyers (as opposed to buyers doing their research and approaching sellers themselves).

I always try to avoid potential buyers who show red flags, as well as those who expect quantity, quality, fast delivery and unlimited revisions, all for $5 or $10 (I’m amazed by the number of such requests in that section). This is a clear sign of cheap, problematic and possibly cancelling-asking buyers.

But what about the buyers offering proper budgets in accordance to the task? Would it be safe to try to take on such jobs through buyer requests, or is there a high risk that many of these buyers posting requests are scammers?

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Yes Those buyers request are reliable.
Based on your skill, you can apply those job.

I am puzzled are you trying to insult her here deliberately, or you just do not know how to phrase English sentences.
It seems you are insulting her skills.

But, anyhow @mrs_write congratulations on achieving Level one status.

And the buyer’s request depends. You can clearly see who is there as a real buyer with a normal budget and who is just fishing out for the lowest price, just by looking at their message. Usually, I only reply correctly to longer buyers’ request with more details. If he took the time to write, it means he will take the time to talk to me and be a useful buyer. But like I said it depends.


I chose my own approach.

I skip everything below my threshold.

I read “leftovers” that I like two or three times and roughly calculate my lifetime needed for such a work. Then I multiply with my hourly rate and get wish number that I compare with given budget.

Fits somehow? I give a try.

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I’ve found that bad buyers are so brazen that it’s obvious they’re bad. Yet they still get do many offers. I don’t get it.


Thank you for your answer! I was thinking the same thing regarding buyers who take the time to phrase their requests in a professional manner vs. those who scream “bad buyer alert”, just needed confirmation that there are also serious buyers in that section.

P.S.: I think mirtowfik didn’t try to insult my skills, perhaps he didn’t completely understand what I was asking :slight_smile:


Yep, seems like a good strategy. I’m ignoring the requests with insulting budget as well, it saves a lot of time, but your method is more complex, might give it a try. Thanks!

For me the moment that I feel the worst is when I see serious but naive buyer request and I lose my chance to reply to him how to be safe on Fiverr.
Last week one women asked for help regarding her taxes and I KNEW that 90% of people who approached her was just trying to steal her data, email and card number since in order to get help with taxes she has to share that.

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Yeah, that’s sad. Buyers should be cautious as well when deciding what kind of requests they post, especially when it comes to sharing personal data. Hope that woman found a legit seller.

There’s always the hidden gem, but on average? No, not reliable. Reliable buyers won’t waste time to post a buyer request, that’s not what Fiverr advertises for. They’ll search for the service they need, and pick one. The ones who post a buyer request are usually those who want something that nobody is offering (suspicious), or are unsatisfied with all the offerings they get from their search. Both red flags.

All in all, buyers who post buyer requests and sellers who bid on them deserve each other. A match made in heaven, only it’s hell.


Haha makes sense as well. Thanks for your input!

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I feel that way for seniors who are targeted by scams. People prey on those who don’t understand.

Part of my thinks Fiverr should have some sort of required reading about signs of a scam, but I know they would never do that.

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That would be assuming the majority of users know how to read. From some of my experiences here, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Reminds me of the south park episode “humancentipad”