Are buyers racist


I noticed that because of my country “Morocco” buyers do not want to deal with me ??


do they say “I’m not buying from you because you’re from Morocco” or are you assuming it’s because of that?


no but,
I’ve been here for a year and no one comes to me


have you marketed your gig? have you redone your keywords and tags? have you diligently submitted offers to buyers requests every day? Are you testing new gigs every week to see if there is an untapped market you can get in on? Are you making social media pages for your gig or putting them on a website for added exposure?

If not, then it’s not “racist buyers” fault, it’s your own.
Success is for those that work for it, not sit back and wait for it to arrive.


Totally racist imo, :unamused:


Closed because this issue has been discussed often and shown to be completely unfounded as there are sellers from all over the world who make sales on the platform.