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Are buyers reacted on bad review on there profile?

Have you ever seen any buyer reacted on a bad review on there profile.given by you?

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Yes, I did. A couple times, actually. I had a very bad experience with a buyer, so I gave a low rating. Then I was harassed and threatened, so I simply blocked the Buyer from contacting me.

We are freelancers, not slaves. And I have the right to rate my experience with the buyers, and they got no right to treat me like this because of their rudeness.


Yes. They came to my inbox to threaten me to remove it because it was “a lie”.

I told them I will be reporting them to CS and won’t be responding any further. They told me they’ll be reporting me back “with screenshots and timestamps” whatever that means. I reported them and we never spoke again.


I am a new seller.I started my journey 1 month ago and completed 2 order with good reviews. So i don’t give bad review.

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Sometimes i also thought to give them my honest review but this exact thing always get into my mind.

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