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Are Buyers Seeing This?

I don’t know where to post this, so I’m just posting it here in my favorite part of the forum.

I opened up one of my orders to start working on it and couldn’t remember what we’d discussed for word counts for the articles (this guy is a great buyer who always overpays, but I can never remember what the actual word counts he wants are), so I click into our message thread, where I know he’s sent me a message about this, and what do I see?

Over the little message box, there’s an alert that says: “Note: you have an active order with (redacted).” And then two options to click on: “Take me to the order conversation” and “Send a message here.”

Pls, plz, please, Fiverr, tell me you are also showing this to buyers. I know some people will probably hate it, but I love it. I cannot stand it when buyers place and start their order and then later come back and try to add more instructions or ask me a question about the order, but they do it in messaging thread, so it is completely divorced from the order we’re actually talking about and I have to keep jumping back and forth. Not that this is going to completely solve the problem, but it’s at least an encouragement to keep discussions about an order on that order page.

I noticed that earlier today too. I would assume both seller and buyer would see it? I like it too, as I also hate it when buyers skip between the two to communicate (and of course with the broken search function…). For once, I will applaud an improvement! Now we just have to wait for the 1001 other threads that will applaud this as the greatest thing since sliced bread :smiley:

My only concern is that it might be just yet another thing to micromanage sellers (like the response rate) and buyers are totally unaffected by it.

You mention of micromanaging sellers reminded me of this:
I am wondering if the broken history search has been removed so we can’t see past problem buyers names. It’s such a strange thing to disappear for a long time.

I tell buyers who want to communicate to use the message system. I would like to have that be optional.

Any official source on the removed deliberately? That’s a bit exasperating to hear. I would gladly give up this new feature (and a lot of others!) for the search function’s return. It’s like one of them most basic features a website can have!!!

<insert angry emoticon and pitchfork here>

I like the new functionality. I tried to see if I could answer the buyer question on the last gig I bought, but on completed gigs I guess it doesn’t show. I buy pretty often but the only attractive offer I had recently was priced by the seller at $10,000 so I didn’t accept. If I find out, I’ll update. I don’t think the history search was removed on purpose, by the way. From what I gather they are playing with all the inbox features for better or for worse. I’m glad to see one good one! I hate the idea of the “marked read messages” so I’m hoping that one doesn’t happen.

Crivvens, whatever could you have asked for that would require such an exorbitant price? This must be why people say Fiverr is a scam. $5 to $10,000 is blinkin’ ridiculous!

No official source but it seems like it would have been fixed by now.

You are right about that I’m sure, about the history search.
A $10,000 logo?

I like it. But now I have to click a button before I can type a reply to a message. My poor mouse finger!

I do not understand why the seller sees it, though. At least I only send responses to messages, no matter where they are placed. If the message for example is ignored and replied on the order page instead, the message will still show as unread usually and have to mark it manually as read.

No, it was much worse. They wanted 10K just to say mean things to me. Terrible. And, it was a TRS.

Imagine the PR that Fiverr could get if a TRS sold a gig titled “I will be incredibly rude to you” for $10k.

Which gets me thinking. Is it more rude to deliver absolutely nothing (maybe “you’re not worth more than 1 minute of my time”) and expect $10k for the trouble, or to send a diatribe full of soul-shattering criticism?

I don’t know if you guys remember this, but some years ago there was a bit of a kerfuffle on the Apple app store. Some enterprising dev had put up an app called “I am rich”, available for $1000. It literally did nothing except say “I am rich” and a couple of other things. Apple took it down the next day, but it sold like 10 copies in that brief period of time!

So, people will buy anything, and it can create a PR storm. And unsuccessful copycats.