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Are buyers stupid?


Buyers aren’t very smart sometimes. One bought a gig of mine, but didn’t answer my questions. The ONLY thing I know is his or her username. I don’t know what I’m supposed to write about, and the clock is ticking down-- this puts my response time out of whack and even after writing him/her three times asking “Hello??” – no response.

How should I handle this?




Since you can make another delivery by hitting “Deliver Again”. I have done this to a client and I had no problem. I told the client that I need to deliver the work (though there’s ain’t no work completed) just to make delivery on time. BUT, I told the buyer that I will continue to complete the job when he submits the necessary files/login credentials that I needed.

It’s difficult to have an express Gig, because of situations like this. Buyer response time or communication between sellers and buyers is greatly affected by TIME ZONE and the messaging feature of Fiverr. Seller or Buyer is not responsive by the time you contact them because they’re sleeping or it’s night time in their time zone. You keep on sending messages to the buyer/seller but he’s not able to read it 'coz he’s not checking his email nor notified by his email client.

I hope Fiverr will add a JSON based messaging system or a REAL-TIME messaging system with audible alarms. And furthermore, I hope they will improve their mobile version of this site specially the placement of the ORDER BUTTON. Plus, Order Confirmation dialog is very important and useful feature. Fiverr V2 does not have to wait for V3 in order to implement the necessary fix and features. At least a PATCH would be great.


Buyers are dumb more often than not, unfortunately.


Reply to @kjblynx: Thanks for letting me know that. Actually I was just joking.

Anyway, I have one question. Do the process of mutual cancellation adds up the cancellation ratio?

Coz, I am having a same problem now. I saw a request and ordered it. But without providing any further details the buyer just bought my gig for $5 and asks me to build the whole site. And he says that he had informed me with the details for his site before buying the gig which I haven’t received.


Just Deliver the Order without doing anything. This method either notifies the buyer and might respond to it or your order will be marked as completed after 3 days.

Isn’t it a great idea? :smiley:


Users are often times on mobile devices and are not even aware they have ordered your gig or any gig for that matter.

The platform is awkward on a mobile device, so it is quite easy to order without knowing it. This may be causing some of the cancellations and failure to provide instructions

As many have stated on other threads there should be a confirmation screen so a purchase can be verified before it is presented to the seller.



One way to get unresponsive buyers to respond is to deliver something. It usually gets their attention.

However, make sure what you deliver fully explains the issue and that the delivery is a placeholder until you get the information you need.

Ask them politely to contact you and make arrangements for another delivery.

Good luck!

voiceoverwork said: However, make sure what you deliver fully explains the issue and that the delivery is a placeholder until you get the information you need.


I also recall a post from months ago by oldbittygrandma I think (is she still here?) suggesting that you deliver what is basically a 'credit' for the gig with the information that when they get back to you, you will complete the work at that time.

If they get back to you, do the gig, if they don't, enjoy the money for nothing more than some quick communication. (And hope they don't cancel through PayPal or otherwise be a jerk later. :)





Including mutual cancellations in a seller’s Cancellation Ratio is just plain stupid. Sellers have no control over what a buyer might order. So whether it’s a mistake or outside the gig’s offering, it is a mutually agreed on cancellation and should not be considered to have any effect on anyone’s rating. It may not have had much effect on your rating but if you only have a few sales it could have a major effect.



We wish that should be the case on Fiverr V2, but it’s not.

Anyhow, we can put that type of suggestions on this url…

I’ve already posted my feature suggestion.


Reply to @voiceoverwork: Well, it shouldn’t need to be a feature request. It should be obvious to the creators of this website.


I believe in “customer is god” type philosophy but some of the time, people are so dense that they think for five bucks they can abuse the seller as much as they want. No matter how many steps you go ahead for making their work easy, they are not satisfied. For 5 bucks, they are like spending on some carnival ride or so, which is basically chump change in this world. yet we offer a lot of value, which many buyers ignore. I don’t want to call any buyer stupid, but they are insensitive and lot of them are here to take advantage of those in need.


Unfortunately there will always be a percentage who take advantage and expect that their minds be read.

I have some really great repeat customers who appreciate my work and they always know what they want. I love getting jobs from them because it’s straight forward and I know how to do the jobs to their pleasing.

Instead of getting angry, I just treat it as something that though it can be frustrating, it’s part of the cost of doing business here. I always treat the more difficult customers with the same dedication as anyone else. I’m pleased to say that these frustrating experiences for me thus far have been extremely rare(knock on wood).

Unless someone is outright rude, I’ve been good at not overly personalizing things and maintaining polite customer service.

When I tell friends about Fiverr, I always include how you won’t get anywhere if you can’t be nice to people even when it may not seem fair.

I had one repeat customer once who was exceptionally hard to work for. I mean, I offer 30 second script writing for example, and sometimes what is hard is because they want to have a titanic amount of information in a short 30 second script and it’s just not possible. Others seem to get it. It’s somewhat just a roll of the dice.

In a polite sort of way, I try to deflect some folks from working with me if I realize they are more trouble than its worth.

Yesterday I got a message from someone who wanted to conference outside of fiverr. I said I’d rather work directly through fiverr to get the work done and I think they didn’t want to hire me because of it. I said I don’t want to violate the TOS.

Frankly, I like keeping it “in” fiverr. I like having jobs where I only have to correspond in direct messaging. It is easier to manage this way, but there will always be some folks who want to go outside the framework. I just politely tell them that I’d like to work through fiverr.