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Are Complete Website Design Contests Allowed Here? [ANSWERED]


If a buyer has “several hundred” dollars to invest in creating his website, then can he/she post it as a competition in Fiverr? How would YOU go about getting sellers to invest their time into making a demo while knowing you may not purchase it? After all, you’ve posted no $ into escrow to verify your capacity to purchase.

Some other domains seem to offer designs only, unless those designs include the entire backend. I’m interested in describing a WordPress mulit-site I’d like to purchase and have already wasted a lot of resources.

Any comments, criticisms or advice?


Fiverr is a unique marketplace and does NOT offer the option that you are seeking.

Your best option would be to utilize ‘Buyers request’.


Thanks for your reply to my question, even though I’m not sure what you meant. Please write a generic “Buyers Request” I may review and possible modify to accomplish the goal discussed.


You could put together a contest of sort I suppose via Buyer Request. Though it’s actively frowned upon to ask sellers to spend their time delivering free anything you will get some new or ineffective sellers who will build you something in the hope of getting an order.

You may or may not get something useful from that exercise.

No established seller would invest time without getting paid.


I am going to be blunt here so please don’t get offended, I know other platforms endorse competitions in this way but actually I believe these are a horrible idea and are basically like asking for free samples - but 100 times worse.

Competitions are popular with buyers because it enables them to be extremely lazy while also getting the best price. The “cost” of this is the time of many other people who are trying to establish themselves in the industry.
Imagine if a factory owner advertised for staff saying that 200 people were going to be hired for one week and not paid. After the week, the factory owner MIGHT hire one of the people but it is not guaranteed.
Seriously. Can you imagine that ever happening?
Can you see the possibility (I say probability) for abuse that this method has?

From the other point of view, the chances are that no self-respecting, professional, successful freelancer will ever enter these kind of competitions and so the buyer is excluding themselves from working with a lot of the best people by doing this.

When hiring someone on Fiverr to create a website, the chances are the cost will be a lot less than elsewhere. With that in mind, invest 5 x $15-25 in consulting with 5 different sellers who you think are capable, have good reviews, portfolios etc. Clearly outline what you want done, with detailed features (anything you exclude/forget at this point will not be included in the price quoted) and send it to each one. Let each one come back to you with a detailed proposal, some examples of similar things they have done etc and then choose the one that suits you.
The best way to get value for money is to actually spend it. If people work for nothing, the likelihood is that it is because that is what their work is worth - or they are desperate - neither of which are the type of sellers I choose to work with.

Running a contest
Design Competition
A place for CONTESTS where Sellers can Participate like Buyer Request Area

Can’t we say the same about Fiverr Buyers posting Gig Requests? “Gig Requests are popular with Buyers because it enables them to be extremely lazy while also getting the best price.” Because there are millions of themes “out there”, both premium and free, who is to say your idea for a gold plated mouse trap would not catch more mice (and maybe a few rats) using a different theme than the one you had considered? Isn’t it possible some graphics artist could produce a better looking mouse trap than the one you had? One that loads faster and is more engaging to mice (and rats)?

For example, one of my 12 WordPress sites has on the home page only 4 images, and 2 of those images has a drop-down menu. The images are numbered 1-2 &3. One image is obviously just a placeholder. Thinking that my website is 1-2-3 easy to use, I have MANY sellers telling me how bad it is and how by purchasing their services my site can be made more user friendly, etc. However, look at how simple Google is yet it is very successful. I’m sure there are many other sites emphasizing simplicity and that is where my site joins, by being 1-2-3 easy to use.

So why would I want a contest for a new design? Actually, I don’t really want a website requiring a Ph.D in Computer Science before one could figure how to use it. It wouldn’t hurt though, to discover if others more talented and experienced, were willing to attempt convincing me their design idea would certainly catch more mice than mine. By showing what my current mouse trap looks like, Sellers have an idea about the front runner, and can indeed compete or decide that nothing they could devise would catch more mice (or rats) than what I am using.

Believe me, I have “a little” cash to invest, but I know that if I put it into Fiverr and the Seller defaults, Fiverr will not make it easy for me to recover my funds, which is not something I want to experience again. Knowing that there are indeed contest website platforms “out there”, I wanted to fully investigate whether or not I should immediately go to one of them or should I fully investigate how to accomplish the task in Fiverr. Your comments are greatly appreciated and I’m glad you were blunt.


The best way to get what you are looking for is to look into those well established sellers that L1 and up. If you’re still looking to do the contest thing head to one of those others that allow this because if that gets done here and is accepted, chances are high that other buyers are going to do the same thing and quite possibly abuse the system to get free work.

If you really want to see what a potential seller can do look into their portfolio. Want something more, pay for a test sample. I know you mean well but there are buyers that will turn this method of finding workers into a nightmare.


Sure, we can. That, and the fact that I never get any good responses, are the reasons why I no longer use buyer requests when I am buying.

I actually understand what you mean regarding mousetraps - I have a similar issue at the moment as I have a plan for the way I want my site to look, features etc and I contacted someone I felt may be able to do it. As it turned out, he can’t do what I wanted but he suggested some other options that could work, one of which I really like but am not sure about. There is even a feature that I hadn’t thought of in it but that would be extremely useful. I am still considering whether the option I like will work but the thing is, even if I do not go ahead with the offer the seller made, I will go back and pay him for his time.

Simplicity is only good when the site/service/design only requires simplicity. Sure, Google is a simple looking site but the reason it works is not because of the simple home page but because of the HUGELY complex stuff behind the scenes which make the plain white page and a text box work properly. Bing, Yahoo, AskJeeves - they all have a similarly “simple” design but Google has the best complex stuff behind it to make it popular.

Not sure what you mean by this. If you agree a service with the seller and the seller does not/can not do what was agreed then you can be refunded. I would always suggest that when you are dealing with “a little” cash that you split it into pieces and order it in stages or milestones. This means you only pay a bit at a time and then approve each step before paying more.
The reality with the contest platforms is that you can have the same issues, if the site looks good etc but then either doesn’t have a feature you want or the end product does not live up to what the demo appeared to deliver then you will find have a dispute there which will also essentially depend on a third party decision as to whether it is close enough to the description or not.

The reason I suggest consultation gigs is simple, you will get to know what to expect. Many sellers are afraid to think outside the box in their designs because the buyer may then reject it. Fiverr ToS is clear that the gig must deliver what was asked for so taking your idea for a mouse trap and creating MOUSETRAP 2.0 is a risk for a seller to do. By consulting professionally, discussing and planning WITH your seller, doing it in stages, making sure all is clear at each step both you and the seller can create something that works.


Let’s hope this discussion proves beneficial to future readers. We encourage readers to share this discussion link when you are negotiating.

Personally, when searching for a service, because there are SO MANY capable sellers available, some of whom may not have been online in a while, it’s more productive for me to solicit those truly interested. It is true I’ve almost 220 buys here but almost 50% have been canceled. This is because I didn’t correctly investigate capabilities, instead spent time reviewing “unverifiable” links, etc. Another viewpoint is I’m scoring 52% success rates on Fiverr.

I’m a great fan of the sellers willing to discuss MOUSETRAP 2.0 and am willing to follow your advice for consultations. Thank you for replying to this conversation.


You are stating an absolute, which you are not qualified to do. PROOF? There are lots of sites where people invest time, talent & other resources in the hope of being rewarded later.


For the remote possibility of $5?


I remember long ago when I began in *****.com I used your logo (or one just like it) while I was ringmaster. Brings back memories. These days I hired a Fiverr graphics person to use the pyramid on rear of US $1 to show that they spell my complete name, when you know what to look for. Then the pyramid spins and on each side is a different photo of myself. I want only a slight modification to that 15 seconds thing, and I now plan to use it on my YouTube channel for all of my videos. All 220 of them. When I have time to edit them. Maybe I’ll hire someone in Fiverr to do it for me.

So, have you typed into your favorite search engine “contest websites” to better understand what I’m talking about here?


I think we all understand what contest websites are - but Fiverr isn’t one of them.

I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for if you type ‘contest websites’ into your favourite search engine.



Let’s not forget that it was I who taught that tactic to you. Anyway, most “contest websites” I’ve reviewed require you place a minimum of USD $300 into their escrow system, with NO interest being earned. There is no guarantee the sites will not go offline with yours and the escrows of all others. So, in the interest of reducing your costs, you’d want to consider how to utilize Fiverr to accomplish what you want before just giving up completely. Something about how winners never quit and quitters never win.

Now if $300+ means little to you then go ahead and invest it into a “contest website” of your choice. If you’d like to “work smarter, not harder” then consider contacting one of the Fiverr Sellers offering to create a WordPress site for 1-2 gigs. Get another couple of gigs promoting your site, and even charge others to list their contest on your site. You’ll gain traffic, additional income, AND still have most of your $300+ that you were going to gamble with. IMHO Fiverr offers a lot of opportunities for those who think out of the box.



Sounds fabulous, but to get back to your original question, Fiverr is not a contest website.