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Are details published about Fiverr UI/Feature changes?


I see the Fiverr interface has changed slightly. I noticed the “view as seller/view as buyer” link, which I like. My question is: Are details about these types of changes published somewhere? If so, where?
For example:

  1. The “Forum > News” section on this site doesn’t appear to have these updates and
  2. The official Fiverr Blog is more general-purpose articles about industry topics, self-improvement, etc.

Do platform/UX/UI changes get published in a predictable location? If so, where is that? As a seller and someone who is on this platform every day, it would be helpful to have these details.


Not really predictable, no. There are “official” posts sometimes regarding big changes like the blind feedback system (News category) but else, usually, the first few people who notice some change will post about it … somewhere … the most probable category is “conversations” I think (or if someone hates the change, you might find the topic here in The Ranting Pot :wink: ) but depending on who posts it, the topic could be wherever, lots of posts aren’t in the categories that make the most sense.

What you can do is go to your settings and mute categories you’re not interested in and which probably won’t have any such posts (e.g. My Fiverr Gigs, Improve my Gig, New User Intros), then you won’t see posts of those categories when clicking “Latest Posts” and it’s quicker to skim the rest. If you still end up wanting to see posts from those categories, you can click them from the category list (menu left of your profile pic) or look at the forum when not logged in, that’s pretty helpful.
It would be nice if Fiverr devs would routinely post changes in the News category, though.


They changed it for some people before, I have this interface for quite a few months now, and I like it, so I guess it would’ve been very confusing as an announcement if some people got it before and some after that.