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Are fiverr now they denied any network services?

Hi guys!

I had last week 2 of my gigs was denied ! The reason was THIRD PARTY . I cannot understand why they should do that if my gig was approved in the beginning . One of them for IG followers, Likes! and the other one 500 real USA fcebook fan page likes .

I scare now to create another gig so they denied or block my account.

Any advice please ?

Fiverr denied those gigs because you are selling followers and likes. Selling followers and likes is against the rules of Facebook and other social sites, and Fiverr is cracking down on them here on Fiverr by deleting those gigs.

My advice… don’t sell followers and likes.

Reply to @jonbaas: Thank you jon i appropriate your advice <3

You’re welcome. I’m happy to help.