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Are Fiverr organic and keywords related traffic help in search engine visibility?

Hi…I’ve buying organic traffic with certain keywords and I can track it into my google analytics but it has been a while no matter how massive is the traffic for those keywords I’m getting no where and I don’t see my website no where when I use those keywords.

You’d be better to ask your seller these questions. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I suppose everyone has their own idea what organic traffic means, but the common understanding is that if you’re paying for traffic it’s not organic :wink:

Anyway, based on your question I think you should hire a consultant rather than buy any kind of traffic. You need someone to guide you how to advertise your website and explain the basics to make sure you don’t make the common mistakes that a lot of other sellers have.
This topic has been discussed multiple times on this forum so if you’re keen on buying traffic then you can do a search. I’m sure you’ll find a few relevant topics.


Thanks but knowing what organic is I think it is based on the search… Google analytics is showing those keywords in the organic section