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Are Fiverr re-sellers common?

Hi guys,

Yesterday we received an order from from our most popular gig. We delivered the order today and soon after the buyer asked for a revision of things we found a little odd. Ergo, we decided to checked the buyer’s profile, and it turned out there is gig for $30 per 500 words on the exact same topic he ordered from us. So it seems that what they are doing is buying articles from cheaper sellers and pocketing the difference. Is that common practice?

We know a buyer is a buyer. But we think this person is engaging in false advertising by using newer or cheaper sellers.

Is there anything that can be done about this type of sellers, or do we just adhere to the philosophy of a buyer is a buyer and turn a blind eye to their actions?


Its called outsourcing.

It’s really up to you if you want to work with a ‘reseller’



You don’t need to turn a blind eye to anything - what they’re doing breaks no rules AFAIK.

You sell your articles for $x, they sell theirs for $y - so long as you’re getting $x, and they’re getting $y, everybody’s happy, especially Fiverr.

If you don’t want to deal with re-sellers, please just mention it in your listing. :sunny:


I’ve had a couple sellers come along to re-sell my writing or editing. I personally don’t care, in fact, sometimes it’s easier for me because they decipher what the end buyer wants and get me all the information ahead of time so I don’t have to worry about begging for details :slight_smile:


A good reseller can be a great client.
I buy some things to resell as part of bigger orders that I add to etc and I think the people I buy from regularly find me easy to work with. If something is not up to scratch, I don’t go crazy, demand anything or leave a bad review because the relationship with a good seller is generally more valuable to me than the client! Finding a new seller that I can trust is at least a couple of hours work and costs a few quid too.

I also sell some services to resellers and through carefully building up the relationship over time, I have the same kind of relationship with them as I do with the sellers I hire. They allow me an occasional error without it being an issue!


Resellers existed prior to Fiverr. Many companies subtract some of the business they are supposed to do for their client. Why not on Fiverr?

Being on Fiverr to do only resale, I do not know if this is very common!

Buying from time to time a cheap gig to resell it at a more expensive price is certainly more common.

I have never done so but I will travel very soon and won’t be able to finish all my work. I will certainly buy gigs and resell the work of someone else. I prefer this option than loosing one of my repeat buyers.
I will be happy, my client will be happy and the seller will be happy because he has an order. What a wonderful world :wink:


If someone can re-sell your work at a more expensive price, that means that you could increase your prices.


Yes you just sell to them like anyone else. I agree that if you don’t want this kind of buyer you can increase your prices.


Or that you need to improve your salesman skills :wink:


It happen to me once.
I sold my service for $30 and the reseller sold it for $100.
I was really angry, but the it was ok.
There will be time when you don’t have any buyers and wish to these resellers to come! Lol


You are getting your quoted amount and they are using it,
You are writing, they are reselling !

both are doing job as per their own perfections!! So its fair :slight_smile:

Its like normal these days, lets say you are working big corporate company and they pay you some what tiny salary and from you work company gains millions of dollars, plus they have to invest more in advertising, Sales team and other things come along with that. its so common in normal world and for the e-world it is also the same. Business is Business you need to make profit. Re sellers are actually good they are the people who go for newbies for find new blood to the market. :slight_smile:

Someone told me one user can not be buyer and seller for same gig, he said account will be ban, i don’t know is it true or not can anyone clarify it?

I never heard about that. But, what I can say is that english-french translators on Fiverr use other translators.

I selected a few translators for a future work and realised that one of these translators had reviews from 3 other translators I had also selected.
Finally, I think I will choose the seller who as good reviews from other translators. It seems to me that it is a good guarantee.

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So long as the gig description etc. are different and not copied, there wouldn’t be a problem.


No, many sellers are buying from me and they are having huge orders!
they get cheaper services from me as well, and they outsource! and i don’t think outsourcing should be considered as an issue! or activity for one which one should be banned!
till the time what one is committing to the clients and submissions on time, now whether its getting done by outsourcing or own efforts :slight_smile:

This is nothing but outsourcing, its a common thing around all freelancing sites. Most of my buyers are outsourcing my videos. Most of my videos i am selling an average of $100, but they resell it for morethan $500. Nothing new here…

In my experience, dealing with (obvious) resellers is not worth it. Why the obvious? Because, if the reseller is good, you’ll have no idea he’s reselling :slight_smile:

All of my clients could be resellers, for all I know. They buy a video from me. I have no way of knowing if they are just being hired IRL or in another platform (or even on fiverr under a different name) by somebody else. That’s fine.

Now, if I know somebody is a reseller for a fact, it’s because they were sloppy. I avoid working with people like this, not because of the re-selling per se, but because they are harder to work with in general - they are not the client, so instructions, revisions, reviews, closing the order, etc. are all mediated, everything takes longer, there’s a degree of separation between me and the final client, which makes everything harder and less transparent.

In other words, working with resellers = less clear directions, more direction changes, more mistakes in the instructions. Not advised.

I’ve worked with a couple of re-sellers (especially useful in the early days) but they all had the courtesy of telling me what they were doing. I think that going behind someone’s back is quite sneaky.

It’s big business. Search on Amazon and you’ll find books telling you how to outsource/resell on Fiverr.


We think this is paramount. A good reseller can be a great client. We have now had other resellers contact us and come clean from the beginning, which we are okay with, but probably what set our moods off a little was the fact that this person did not express what he was doing.

We accept orders from resellers because they help us as much as we help them, and it is an entirely symbiotic relationship, as long as they are clear in their instructions and don’t expect us to decipher what THEIR client wants. Right?

Agree on this. It was the first time that happened, and we felt it was somehow shady.

After that, we have had more resellers, but they have come very clean and didn’t expect us to do their job and also find out what the client wants. After all, we are not the ones dealing with the client.

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