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Are Fiverr Skill Tests what they Claim to Be?


Hello, Dear Fiverr Community,

Here is my Story: I took both Eng/Esp Translation Skill Tests :earth_americas: , and / let’s say… / got a decent score…
This led me to take a Spanish Grammar test to prove my Skills. This Test was supposed to be quite easy to handle, since I am a Spanish Native-Speaker, and I consider I have (if not flawless) very good Spanish grammar. :pencil2: :es:

So… when I started to answer the questions, I noticed they asked about anything but real questions that would help you determine whether you have good grammar or not. Some of the questions were about random non-practical grammar terminology, which had absolutely nothing to do with proving your real grammar skills.
What worried me the most was that I could have had a terrible Score because of the repetitive questions about the same old-random terms they always asked. I decided to quit and leave it just like it looks now. Which is obviously not as bad as it could be, but the thing is that I highly suggest the Fiverr Community to think twice before taking one of these so-called “Awesome” Skill Tests.

:mortar_board: Have you ever taken a Fiverr Skill Test?
:mortar_board: How would you rate your experience?
:mortar_board: Do you think Fiverr Skill Tests really talk about your real skills?




I have taken Fiverr Photoshop and Illustrator Skills. I passed from those tests and that experience was so good. They measure our knowledge basic to depth. They should test grammar skills carefully.


I am happy to see there are Skill Tests that are actually good! :mortar_board: