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Are fiverr trying to remove Seller Level?

After they bring in the PRO and St.Level game, I feel they are trying to abandon the level game, only keep normal & Pro Seller.

As you all know, it’s very hard to gain back your TRS after demoted. Even if you are TRS, you still hiding somewhere on the search result page, no any special treatment in term of ‘marketing’ to gain more sales.

They did it because they have no solution yet, so let’s just remove the level thing, or at least make a seller feel that it’s not important anymore or unable to keep up with it so they end up getting used to gave up, then they will abandon it all at once.

Just my conspiracy theory.

I don’t think that’s the case at all. I think they’re preparing things for the new system which may include extra tools for higher levels. I personally do like St. Levels days, they just should be only one per 3 months, not every single month. Many TRS sellers got their lever in early Fiverr years and they didn’t really provide such a good service anymore. So what I hope for is, extra tools for higher levels, better treatment by the Fiverr team, I’m not TRS, nor I had any problems with support yet, but I just read too many stories about their ignorance towards sellers who are the true reason for platforms success.


I would hope that even Fiverr would never attempt to be so ridiculous. - This would undermine buyers just as much as sellers, if not more so.

However, looking at the hard data:

I have over 1,600 completed orders and 111 canceled orders. - That’s in respect to my entire Fiverr existence.

Prior to the first St Levels (in which we had 60-days to get our stats up to speed, I got up to 99%-98% across the board.

Since the first St Levels, I’ve been constantly walking a knife edge with regard to being demoted and have been demoted. I, however, have not done anything but upped my Fiverr game.

Reasons why keeping up with St Levels is so difficult

  • In my case, either cancellations older than 60-days are still being counted against me or some are getting canceled twice (AKA BUG)
  • Even when I have a few weeks free of cancellations, orders which I don’t cancel due to my scammer/hard to work with alarm bell ringing, result in 1-star reviews (Because buyers who want work FOC or order something I do not provide like mobile app downloads and reviews don’t get their way)
  • The above combined with app 4.7 review bugs (which get counted as 4.5 reviews), result in me teetering on the brink of being of being demoted because of falling below 4.8 customer satisfaction benchmarks
  • New fees and Fiverr’s preference for big orders is seeing my earnings increase while sales volume decreases. This makes cancellations and poor reviews have a much more pronounced effect
  • Overall, this year has seen a lot more buyers order services which it is just ridiculous to expect me (or anyone) to provide. I don’t know why this is. I think there is a possibility that sellers who provide services they need/want are simply priced too high for their budget and so they convince themselves that everyone can do everything and if you are not in the US, you will dance Swann Lake for $5 and retire afterward drunk on money

Sooo… Yes. The fact that my overall cancellation ratio is well below 10% but is constantly impacted by BUGS and sheer unreasonableness, I do think there could be a conspiracy.

I know it sounds silly. However, the BUGS would seem to be very easily resolved. That they seem to exasperate instead, would suggest that Fiverr is up to something.

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