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Are fiverr website updates the reason for no orders, no inquiries and maybe bad search ranking too?

So it’s been more then a week and it’s as if I have set my account to vacation mode, no inquiries, no notifications, nothing. It’s like I don’t even exit anymore. Even when searching for my gigs from a different browser I failed to find any except for 1 gig and I had to scroll quite a lot to find it. A week ago all I had to do was type YouTube Transcribe and I was there in the first 4. I am currently creating a video for my gig to improve it’s ranking but I want to know if other sellers are having these issues too.

BTW, liking the website updates.

the problem is happening to virtually every body. you are not guaranteed sales by ranking your gigs. you may need to make some SEO so that your gig can rank on google then you can make your sales from there.

Using various search combinations of keywords I was able to find your listing in the first page a few times and others in page 2-3 further.

My guess is demographics, search history and various underlying conditions come into play on how results are displayed and not as heavily on keywords.

Yeah, but I need to put in the work to rank my gigs on google then why not put that time to rank my own website itself (which I do) where I don’t need to pay the 30% (transaction, currency conversion and fiverr) fees.

I too think that fiverr’s algorithm weighs not just ratings but also how many buyer inquiries turns into gig purchases. But if that’s the case then it means declining buyers who can’t or are unwilling to pay the respective gig price can harm our business, which seems unfair.

If that’s the case very unfair. Especially if buyers are just tirekicking. In terms of SEO ranking your own website in conjunction with fiverr is in my opinion ideal. Fiverr is a well known brand name that people can trust and more willing to make purchases without face to face interaction

Yes that is true, but when people come to me from personal website they tend to be willing to pay a premium for my services which doesn’t happen on fiverr. Right now my number 1 source of income is referrals from regular clients, they just give out my email id.

Over 10 days and no new inquiry or order :frowning: