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Are Fiverr's Policy fair enough? (PRO sellers)

Hi ,

We have been selling our services as Pro sellers. It surely comes with more responsibility to mantain the quality but we contineously are dealing with is buyers collects all the deliverables and then file for cancellation.
In such phase the support gets so biased that the seller always recieve the same scripted message about: please try to make up with the buyer and come up mutual agreement whereas when its from the client they step up and you get a message order cancelled by support.

We had now 2-3 conflicts like these and the only concern we were having was the insecurity that comes with it. When a seller isn’t selling something templated, putting plenty of hours into it and at the end of work 90+ hours work project is drain down by support stepping up as biased judge.

Such insecurity won’t let us or any good seller keep up the quality, why would it? Who would like to put 90-120 hours into something without the surity would the order be accepted as the support always acts so biased towards the buyers.


Hi there!

I am sorry you are facing this problem.

It’s something that affects both regular and Pro sellers.

If it happens that often it’s definitely something you need to address internally first.

Your reviews and the description of your issue indicates there’s a serious flaw with your current process.

It’s either a communication, policy or framework issue. You need to fix this, as it seems that either expectations aren’t managed or there’s room for people to try to take advantage.

Customer support always prompts the seller to handle this better when it comes to Pro sellers.

They will NOT intervene when it’s a Pro sale. At least not in the same way as with a regular gig.

Another thing to consider: pricing.

I used to only offer a $3,500 Pro gig. Never had an issue where people tried to game the system.

Started offering a $150 Pro gig, I immediately got two orders the next day, both buyers were trying to coerce me to offer something I did not.

Both orders were cancelled, price was raised, problem solved.

But that’s different. When you produce all the work and deliver everything as per your brief and your gig’s description then you shouldn’t offer a refund.

Not getting a bad review is a matter of communication and how you managed the client right from the start.

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Hi Frank

thanks for your input, I do agree on that.

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