Are gambling gigs allowed?


I’ve seen some sellers saying, “I will predict sports results for gambling.” They are also earning decent amount from their gigs. Is it allowed?


If it hasn’t been banned till now… then it is.


It’s strange how they ban external links and stuff but allow such gigs.


its time to create one lol :smiley: m pretty good in guessing :smiley:


I always see Fiverr like a big market, where people can sell what they have, what they’re good at and what they do better…
Some people are good at that, I must admit.
The problem with the “Fiverr Market” is that Fiverr is the owner. He can decide tomorrow to ban those Gigs, as he can also decide to ban Graphic Designers who use Templates, for example… pushing in the direction of offering just exclusive designs.
What today is allowed, may be banned tomorrow.


They also offer a refund if they fail and also get negative reviews if stuff goes wrong.