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Are gig videos first reviewed by Fiverr computer bots?

Hello everyone, not sure if this question has been brought up before but I recently uploaded a video that I added an introduction of me being personable and thanking the person for visiting my gig before my voice over demo begins. (It was the same demo that was originally added but with a video showing me talking in my recording booth) Within a few minutes after uploading the video, my video was removed and I got flagged saying “This video has been flagged for promoting a service, website or product outside of Fiverr”. This happened multiple times. The only thing I was promoting was Fiverr in my intro, with mentioning Fiverr dot com. It took a couple of days to resolve the issue with the help of CS, but no one would tell me why my video kept getting flagged and removed. I’m guessing that you can’t say anything with dot com in it?
I’m curious if all video reviews go through some kind of computer automation first. I would like to change my existing background photo on the video but I’m a bit gunshy on having to go through so much just to get the gig to be visible again on the platform. I’m receiving more impressions and clicks but still no orders as of yet. Just wondering if others have had similar issues.

Thank you all for your insight.

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@ar_service, thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:

I’m guessing this is the wrong area to submit too lol

Hey @deanbrightman when someone’s reply clearly demonstrates they spent 0 seconds reading your post, please flag them as off topic. (I just did so myself)

As for your post, sounds strange.

I thought the process was manual.

But even if it’s not I doubt anyone on CS knows or has the clearance to confirm.

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There might be but they haven’t told us there is an automated check as far as I know (there’s obviously the re-encoding bit). It’s possible they might be doing a speech to text if it isn’t being only checked by a human, and if it contains “.com” in that text it could deny it (even if the text was actually Fiverr . com or maybe one of their allowed URLs). You could have just said “on Fiverr” instead maybe.

They might have duplicate checkers on the video to check it’s not a copy of something. They have that for images anyway. But they might just use automated software to check the rest of the video is inline with gig video requirements (before a human might check it) re: file size, audio track, duration etc.


@uk1000 that’s what I was thinking. It was just kinda strange that the video wasn’t getting reviewed with a message explaining what on the video was not in compliance.
Thanks again for your feedback!


@frank_d Wow, didn’t even notice that. I appreciate the heads up on that!!