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Are Gig4Gigs allowed?


Hi Fiverr!
I started my Gig 5 days ago, talked about it on “Improve my Gig” section, tried offering it to a bunch of people, but still NO sales at all.
So I was wondering, are Gig4Gigs allowed? Where someone buys your Gig, and then you buy theirs so you both have reviews? That’s definetely gonna help me get my first actual sales.
Thanks! Marin


Absolutely not. Gig exchanges get both accounts banned in many cases. Read the ToS more thoroughly.


I thought so :smirk:


You don’t need reviews from other sellers. Its against terms of service. Be active, send offers and make your profile clean. You will able to sell on your own. I’m new here, started selling less than one month ago. I completed 16 orders :slight_smile:
Good luck!


NOOOOOOOOOOO… Its not allowed. These are called fake reviews and if your buyer come to know about this, he will definitely turn on his heels and never come back. That puts a really bad impression about you and your work.


If you do that you will be banned from fiverr. Before start working, please read the Terms of Services carefully.


big NO… but patience, passion and learning will remove the GIG4GIG options from your mind… if still no progress, I usually say “freelancing is not for everyone”


If you are on fiverr and you are not getting sale, definitely something is wrong, either is coming from you or from your gig.
I strongly advice you re edit your profile or your gig,
Response to buyer’s request.
Be very active…
From experience most buyers that will massage you want you to respond within few minutes, that will show how fast you can work with them on their project.
Try these few tips out it should work for you.


This is the reason why I quit buying from someone with less than 50 review.

I may even stick to 100 reviews or more, haven’t decided. I know its easy to fake a dozen or so reviews but costly to do it for a long time.

I used to purchase a small gig from sellers with zero reviews periodically to help them out, but quit doing it.


@fonthaunt is, right, don’t try this.


I feel saddened that someone like you who is generous with sellers can’t trust sellers with less than 50 reviews. I understand completely, but I do feel sorry for genuine new sellers who can’t get a foothold because of the frauds in the system.
This isn’t a comment on you by the way; your post just made me go all maudlin.


Luck boy… :slight_smile:


Well, my first bad experience with level 2 came when I ordered a $35.00 logo. This seller had great portfolio and about 30 or so 5 star reviews. In one day she delivered stolen logo.

Since then, I’ve had a few more bad experiences from sellers. It’s made me wiser to check out the reviewers.

I typically don’t fret over a small $5 or $10 purchase that doesn’t go so well, as long as it’s not illegal. (BTW, don’t do $5 anymore).

I’ve been sticking to my regular sellers nowadays more often. If I were to hire someone for a project that I don’t have a regular, I’ll probably stick to someone who post here regularly. Of course, I’m having a heck of a time finding translators in just about every language except two.

Regulars, I’ve check the gigs many times already, and I already know their work ethics. Seeing how they advise newbies, etc.

Instead of spending money and taking chances, I’d rather give the money as gratuity to my regulars - who bust their hump for me.


No, Dear don’t do it
your account will be banned


Absolutely not. DO NOT DO IT. Gig exchanges get both accounts BANNED in many cases. Please read the ToS for more.