Are here only fake Designers


When I first visited the site, I was incredibly impressed. So many great artists. Thats exactly what I was looking for. The disillusionment came quickly. When I commissioned my first gig, I get my logo after two days. The result was just a joke. Even I could have done that with microsoft paint. When I did a picture research in google with the portfolio of the provider, I found all the templates on behance and creativmarket. Fiverr gave me my money back to my account , but the graphic artist may still use the stolen images. I also can not explain the artist’s ratings. The work was unprofessional. Has fiverr quality or is everything just fake and crap?


Sorry you’ve had a bad experience.

Please don’t judge all sellers on Fiverr by the experience you’ve had with one seller.

Good luck with your next purchase - I’m sure you’ll find plenty of great sellers to choose from! :slightly_smiling_face:


I have made the same experience.
I was really impressed of the shown pictures in the logo section and ordered one. After 3 days i got black pictures and the seller told that he did that only to prevent time exceed. i was “errm, ok, when i can expect them” and he promised he will send it in one hour.
What shall i say -i got pictures after the hour. The pic was from shutterstock with some additional items made in paint and the colours were completly different from what i asked for. I guess that was created in 1 Minute. Luckily i got my money back.

At the moment i have a second order pending at an other seller… My hope is not gone yet, even if its hard.
I checked both times reviews, they sounded really good.

Is there anything, which can help me to find the right one?

@romanhansen , did you order again another one and are you satisfied at the end?


Honestly, I think you should go for Fiver pro gigs if really want something absolutely unique for graphics design work.

I’ve always assumed people that go for $5-$10 logo design gigs are aware beforehand of the “fast-food” results they’re most likely to get. Most of these sellers have from 10 - 200 orders in queue with 1- 3 days deadline.

You can get very satisfactory results from these gigs, but you have to be realistic with your expectations.


I was asked on another site as to whether Fiverr is a good place to find logo designers.
This was my answer - hopefully it will help you in understanding how Fiverr (and the world of logo design) works

A lot of the answers that have been posted are confusing “Going to Fiverr” with “Spending a Fiver”. If you spend a fiver, then you can expect roughly $5 worth of work. However, if you go to Fiverr, you have a multitude of options to choose from. If you want a cheap logo for your Soccer Mom blog or whatever then a customized template for $5 might be perfect for you. If you are a start-up seeking a round of funding from Angel investors, then it won’t be.

There is a huge range of sellers on Fiverr and prices range from $5 to $10k. For the most part, the quality is aligned with the price, like it is anywhere else. If you want a logo that will take 50 hours along with a variety of consultations, over and back, etc then expect to pay for that. If you, like the many bloggers and others who “tested” Fiverr, choose to expect high quality for $5 then really, who is to blame - you or the seller? Silk purses, sow’s ears etc.

The bottom line is that you get what you pay for and the reality is that Fiverr has a lot of very talented sellers offering all kinds of services. I love it as a freelancing platform as I do not need to spend hours bidding daily, like I do on Upwork, PPH and elsewhere. For that, those who order directly through Fiverr get my best rates as I did not waste any unbillable time pre-order nor did I have to advertise to get the order. That is huge for freelancers and I am sure other sellers operate similarly.


A tip to any new buyers: Do a reverse image search on Google of the images posted in the gigs. There are a lot of junk sellers here who are shamelessly plagiarizing other people’s work. Fiverr tries it’s best to detect & remove such acts but they can only do so much. Also, try reading the gig description. You can make out if the person has genuinely put in effort setting up their gig and that can be a dead giveaway.

That being said, there are some really talented new sellers who are genuinely putting in the effort and coming out with outstanding results.


Then he’s going to get lots of bad reviews and eventually, no more orders.

No! There are many talented people here. You should also realize that one man’s crappy logo is another man’s brilliant delivery. It’s a matter of OPINION.

I did a google search called “ugliest logos,” I found these examples
Miami Marlins
Waffle House
Animal Planet
London Olympics

See? It’s a matter of opinion. Personally, I like the old GAP logo, Google, and Starbucks. I agree that the others are ugly.

Why not share the logo you got here? Then we can tell you if he’s a real designer or a fake designer.