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Are low budget gigs worth it?

I have seen numerous of gigs with very low budgets especially in designing a website. Is it worth spending all that time and hard work for a small fee of $4 (after Fiverr’s fees)?
I personally do not respond to Buyer Requests with low budgets - NOT worth it! Low budgets are like a slap in the face!! C’mon Fiverr people - STOP accepting these low budget gigs!!


You are correct :slight_smile: But for the gigs of graphic design, $5 for easy task like background removal are fair for me. I accept that kind of job. But for the other task that difficult to deal and offer at $5, I ignore it.

Yes, I agree for graphic design gigs, but for a WordPress gig - I will NOT take a gig for less than $200. Not worth my time and trouble.

I agree with you. But I also understand the other people who accept a less ratings than $200 because this ratings are huge in other country.

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I live in the US, and yes, I agree with you on that aspect, but, here in the US - $5 (or $4) does NOT buy you much! Remember, “cheaper is not always better!”

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Thing is, even it’s a quick job, you pay in other ways: wasted time on disrespectful inquiries and a higher risk of scammers.

The only reason you need to charge so low is because there are dozens of thousands of people selling the same thing as you and the supply for background removal far exceeds the demand.


The term “low budget” is relative depending on the service you offer, your skills and experience, the nature of your competitors, and where in the world you are.

As a UK based seller, I set myself a minimum hourly rate of $20 (although the UK is of course £ sterling). If I can complete a $10 gig within 15 minutes after breakfast, then I’ll take it. But I won’t for example accept a $30 order that will take me three hours out of my official working day (I deliberately try and work ‘normal’ office hours).

On the other hand, I’m really aware that in some parts of the world $30 for three hours of work is like a dream come true and would make a huge difference. But overall, I agree with you - no one should be selling $5 gigs and taking say five hours to complete it.