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Are Metrics working for you?

I have been working on Fiverr for several months now and I have some issues. At the beginning of this journey, everything was working fine but now I have problems.

Just before my level One Promotion, my response rate dropped to 87% for no reason at all, so I missed my promotion. And now my response rate is at 67% for no reason at all since I haven’t had new clients or new messages, only clients I’m used to working with ( and of course I replied to them).
Also, my response rate is of 10 hours now, and I can’t find any reason for it to be so high.
Moreover, I haven’t had any new clients as I said.

Could you tell me if your metrics are not functioning properly as well?


Your rating doesn’t change just because you aren’t working.

It is a fraction created by dividing the number of orders in total by he number of orders that fit the criteria 60 days from when you checked the rating.


It depends on the messages you received and the percentage you responded to in the last 60 days - if you responded to them within 24 hours. If messages you responded to fast enough (within 24 hours) go out of the 60 day window, leaving a higher % of those you didn’t respond to (or didn’t respond to within 24 hours), the response rate will decrease.

If you check the last 60 days worth of messages and are sure the figure shown is incorrect you could contact support and so they could check it/fix it if it’s incorrect. You could attach/show proof that it’s incorrect if it is - maybe showing each message received in the last 60 days and the time taken to respond to it.

hey thanks for the answers.
my response rate decreased from 67 % to 50% eventhough I did not get a single message during this period, is it fair to say that fiverr is not working anymore ?

Try checking your spam folder, there might be a message.
If there are none, it might be something worth contacting the support about.

I can’t find your account! is redirecting me to my profile!!
I can’t find you in the search as well, do you face any other problems?

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hey, thanks for your answers! I think I’ll contact the support but do you think the answer for such cases?

and you should find my profile here
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How is your account username different from your Forum username?

mystery… I probably made a mistake during the creation of the account, I don’t remember so much.

The forum has a glitch which doesn’t show the final _


Ohh that makes sense! I was a little confused for a second!

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I contacted the support and I go a fast reply, really satisfied.
The support explained me that sometimes you may get spammer that send you messages, those messages got deleted automatically by fiverr but then as you have not reply to them, your response rate thus decreases. Mine is back at 100%